Wife dating online: Reason for divorce?

Posted by Ria, 21 Aug

They have been married for 6 years and a year after their second one was born, Jared stumbled across his wife’s profile on a dating site, which she had accidentally left open on the laptop. And his loving, 'faithful' wife was in contact with men who only want a quick and intimate fling.

The thing is: The sex had been great until after the kids… especially the second one. Jared being the gentleman figured maybe it was something hormonal coz she was the one who was never interested. Things between them have been great… perfect if you may; great friends who hang out together, blah blah – except for the lack of interest in sex on her part.

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The two have always shared some great level of trust to the extent that Jared really feels violated. He never in a million years would have suspected her wife to be that kind of woman. So when he decided to confront her, she didn't deny it. In fact she admitted that she had been doing it for the past four months but it was something harmless – that she never intended to actually sleep with the men she had been having erotic conversations with.

There is betrayal of trust and to be honest, Jared doesn’t know whether to believe her story or not. She is a good mother, wife and his long-term friend. And she has promised not to do it again but the trust is lost. See, Jared feels bad because her lack of interest in sex and online dating clearly shows she has a problem with him and not other men… there is something she is looking for in those other men. Jared is now contemplating leaving her wife but he doesn’t want the kids to be raised in a broken home… and remarrying has been something he has never wanted to do because he thought she was IT!

Do you think this is a deal breaker? Should he stick it out and try and re-build the trust or just divorce her? Remember, besides the broken trust, there is still the issue of their sex life. Can they really work it out if he was to try?

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  1.   NaijaBabe11 says:
    Posted: 13 Sep 12

    I'm no marriage or relationship guru, but wow!!! This is is a tough one!!!

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  2.   OAKBUFF says:
    Posted: 05 Sep 12

    The women that I know usual are faithful to their husbands, unless there are issues in the marriage. A happy marriage leaves no room for nonsense, unless its agreed by the two consenting parties. Communication, prayer and loyalty can turn an unhappy marriage around, unless one is being a complete jerk. If all fails, then walk away and ask God to forgive you. Unfaithfulness is immature and only brings hurt. Counseling may help, but the right counselor and I suggest to do something unconventional to bring back the hot sex that is apparently missing in the marriage.

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  3.   killabee12 says:
    Posted: 22 Aug 12

    I just went through The same thing ...i was dating a man for a couple months truel thought he was The One he treated me like a queen n swept me off My feet. And then i found out he had a girlfriend and a tgree month old son that lives in a nother city. Talk about broken trust and heart. Makes u wanna be a man eater and treat All men like The dogs they can be.

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  4.   Scandiblond says:
    Posted: 21 Aug 12

    A deak breaker!!! I been dating this guy on this site and thought this is it..until i did find out he is married!! Come on..who are you kidding!! Feelings get hurt and yes the trust is gone forever and as in my case i am scared and level of trust is now zero....

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