Will Reveals He 'Typically' Dates White Girls on the Bachelorette

Posted by Ria, 28 Jun

Ready for this week's recap of the Bachelorette? Well, Rachel Lindsay clearly had lot's of decisions to make on Tuesday night. Luckily, the racial battle between Kenny and Lee comes to an end.

As always, the bickering between Kenny, who is Black and Lee (White) starts off the show:

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"It must feel terrible that you have to lie so terribly. You told this woman that I pulled you out of a van?" Kenny asks Lee. Well, Lee says he didn't. So does this mean he is calling Rachel Lindsay a liar? The show gets heated as Kenny calls Lee a "son of a bi**h" amongst other profane insults.

Now, the trust for Lee is gone. Rachel admits she doesn't trust him saying: "It just comes down to who I believe and who I trust at this point and so I have this rose and Lee, after hearing what I heard today, I don't trust you and because of that, I'm going to send you home." And she escorts him hand in hand.

Kenny get's to stay as he explained to Rachel that Lee is the one who kept pushing him. Much as she appeared skeptical about Kenny's excuse, she still gave him a rose... for now! Josiah and Anthony didn't get roses either.

As the show continues, Rachel heads off for a group date with her men to Denmark. She goes with Kenny, Bryan, Alex, Peter, and Matt. They play a war-themed game of Vikings in traditional Scandinavian costumes. Unfortunately, Kenny gets a cut above his eye. Rachel makes out with Peter.

Kenny, on the other hand, tells Rachel that he wasn't feeling that their relationship had evolved as he had expected. He also talked about how he had missed his daughter. She agrees with him entirely saying: "I feel like if I'm just keeping it absolutely 100, I feel like you should go home." So Kenny is sent home and the group rose goes to Peter who is super excited.

Will, who is African-American goes on a date with Rachel where he blurts out that he 'typically' dates white girls. Rachel asks if its 'typically' or 'only'. To which he says 'typically', giving the excuse that he has been exposed to more white women. Wonder why he signed up for the show then.

Anyway, Rachel also says that much as she grew up around more white men, she 'predominantly' dated African Amerian men. Well, clearly, no sparks there. And another one bites the dust. Will is sent packing.

During the second rose ceremony, Alex goes home as she adorns Eric, Dean, Matt, and Adam with roses.

What do you think of the 'typically dating white girls' issue that Will brought up? Tell us what you think...

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