Black Girls White Men

Anais & Karl -
Texas, United States

Engaged December 2012

Black Girls White Men - Rollercoaster...of Love | AfroRomance - Anais & Karl Black Girls White Men - Rollercoaster...of Love | AfroRomance - Anais & Karl Black Girls White Men - Rollercoaster...of Love | AfroRomance - Anais & Karl Black Girls White Men - Rollercoaster...of Love | AfroRomance - Anais & Karl Black Girls White Men - Rollercoaster...of Love | AfroRomance - Anais & Karl

Rollercoaster...of Love

Today, Anais gives us a whole-hearted endorsement, but before she met her match she wasn’t eager to test-drive any online dating services. “I was doubtful, yet hopeful,” Anais recently told us. “I was hesitant at first to join the site because I thought I was too young to be on dating sites. But I did, and I met my other half!”

It’s true, Anais and her boyfriend Karl are making big plans! Her emotions are riding high. “I will be honest — since the very first email, it has been a nonstop rollercoaster of emotions, but I am loving every minute of it,” gushes Anais. “We are now engaged and planning a spring wedding!”

Let’s backtrack to the beginning. Anais signed up on our site and posted a profile under the username “ThaDuchess.” Despite her reservations about Internet dating, we weren’t the first site for singles that she tried. “I was a workaholic and never had a chance to meet anyone outside of work, so I decided to try online,” she explains. Was she confident? “Not so much. But I thought a player would probably not waste his time filling out an online profile, so I was bound to find a decent guy!”

The man she met, Karl, posted a profile with the username “KBen87.” He believes his natural shyness was an obstacle to meeting women out in the wider world. “I wanted to try something new,” Karl begins. “I was uncomfortable meeting people face to face, plus I had a little more social skills online, so I gave that a try.”

Actually, Karl was fairly optimistic that a website like ours would work for him. “I was very confident that I was going to find someone online,” he declares. “The online scene has much more traffic than you get out in the real world. Plus, your chances are better when you know everyone online is looking for the same thing you are.”

Karl is absolutely right, on both counts. He knew that the women whose profiles he was perusing wanted to be contacted, or they wouldn’t be on our site. “ThaDuchess” had only been a member for two weeks when he got a message from her. Says Anais, “I went beyond the set of rules I had established and emailed him. I was always told that a guy would come after the girl, and I even believed this to be true online. But I saw his profile and figured there might be a chance he wouldn’t contact me, so I took the reins and contacted him first!”

But what drew her to him in the first place? “I thought he was funny and really cute,” Anais explains. “I also liked him because he believed in God.” Her spirituality was definitely part of the attraction for Karl, as well. “I liked how she carried herself as a godly woman,” he notes. “I didn’t base it on just her looks, but also her faith.”

As the pair continued to correspond, fate intervened. Anais had a good reason to visit Karl. “I was already coming down to his area for a vacation, so I thought it was the perfect time [to meet in person],” Anais remembers. Karl contributes the detail that “she was going to come to New Braunfels to ‘float the river’.”

Of course, the circumstances of their actual introduction were not as either person anticipated. Things got off to a rocky start… “It was actually a funny meeting,” laughs Anais. “We had picked a location to meet at. On the way there, he called me saying he ran out of gas. I had no idea where he was instructing me to go and was semi-frustrated. I finally found him walking along the side of the road with a gas can. Then the nerves kicked in. Once he jumped in the car butterflies engulfed my stomach, but I was like, ‘Wow, he is super fine!’”

Karl picks up the story there. “Once I got in the car, I was intimidated a little bit. There sat this beautiful woman picking me up after running out of gas! And in a nice car, too.”

We asked the happy couple what was most surprising about their first date. Anais responds immediately, “That we went to a snake farm/animal zoo! Girls don’t do snakes, but it was my idea. An employee was trying to feed a snake and he had the cage open. I was trying to walk behind him and, all of a sudden, the snake lunged at the employee, hitting the side of the open cage! I have never been so scared for my life, not ever!”

That wasn’t even the only “when animals attack” moment the pair shared on this very memorable date. Karl tell us that “while we were at the zoo, an alpaca grabbed a bag of feed out of Anais’ hand and she jumped!”

Despite the thrills and chills Anais experienced in their first meeting, she was convinced that this relationship was off to a roaring start. She proclaims “I was super sure we would go out again!” and Karl adds that there was no doubt in his mind, either.

All that said, did Anais expect to click with a guy like Karl? Was he her type? “OMG, not at all my type,” she confesses. “But I think that’s why I fell in love with him! He was the bad boy / good boy I always secretly wanted but was never bold enough to go after.”

Asked what kind of woman he was looking for, Karl says that Anais definitely fit the bill. “She is very similar [to my type],” answers Karl. “I always wanted someone who resembled my mother and who during childhood had shared the same qualities as me.”

Reflecting on their always-evolving relationship, Anais appreciates aspects of Karl that his profile did not include. “I appreciate his soft side,” she says. “He seemed like he was a little more confident than most. But in all actuality, he is a kind and gentle heart.”

“I appreciate the fact that she is more ‘girly’ than she admitted to in her profile,” laughs Karl. “She came across as more of a tomboy!”

We already told you that Anais and Karl are now engaged. But HOW it happened is a story into itself…

“The way Karl proposed was actually during an argument,” Anais reveals. “I was late to an event and he insisted I take him to Walmart. I didn’t have time, but he kept saying he had to go! I took him there grudgingly and sat in the parking lot, pissed off. When he came out, he said that it was a waste of time and he didn’t find what he was looking for, which made me even more upset.”

Anais continues, “So I rushed back to the house, while saying rude things in the car. I was in my room getting dressed as we hashed out our issues. Headed out the door to leave, I leaned in to give him a hug (but didn’t really want to) and when I looked down, there was a little gray box! I couldn’t help but grin and my eyes started to water. Then he got down on one knee and asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ Of course I said yes, and that definitely brightened my night! All night I kept looking at my ring finger and smiling.”

She’s overjoyed to have found the elusive love we all hope to experience as much of as possible. “I am more excited about life,” Anais enthuses. “I had it all, but I was just missing love. Now that I have it, I feel complete. I’m excited to get up next to him every morning and I’m excited to come home to him. It brought me back to life! I became that loving, caring person again that I had lost due to bumps in the road of life.”

What advice do fiancé and fiancée have for singles still searching for their version of this love story? Anais tells women to assert themselves. “Honestly, just go for it, you never know! I was hesitant at first, but it paid off. Ladies, if you are nervous to message him, don’t be. Because at first I would never go and message a guy. I figured if he was attracted, he’d contact me. If I hadn’t come out of that shell, I never would have met Karl.”

That is fantastic advice every woman would do well to take. Meanwhile, Karl preaches patience. “You have to have patience, because if you go on expecting to find someone right away, you most likely won’t. I received a lot of messages but it took awhile — right until my subscription was about to expire — to get the message that changed my life forever.”

His patience certainly paid off, and now he has a wedding to plan.

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