Black Men With White Women

Ashley & Will -
Pennsylvania, United States

Black Men With White Women - Don’t Be Shy! | AfroRomance - Ashley & Will Black Men With White Women - Don’t Be Shy! | AfroRomance - Ashley & Will Black Men With White Women - Don’t Be Shy! | AfroRomance - Ashley & Will

Don’t Be Shy!

On the heels of a six-year relationship, Will finally felt ready to try again. So he joined our site... “You can’t be shy about it,” Will says of the online dating process. “You have to be truthful about who you are, and make sure your profile reflects who you are as a person.” He says he was confident from the beginning.

Ashley was a little more leery of the idea. “If I was going to find someone, they had to be compatible,” she says. “I wanted to be sure I would enjoy being with them!” She took the process very seriously because she knew the difference love could make in her life. “I wanted my life to be more fulfilling.”

Imagine her surprise when, after only being with us a month, she found herself responding to a Flirt from a user who went by “WillP118.” One look at his profile and she was intrigued. “He was very handsome,” Ashley recalls. “And his ideals were completely compatible with mine!”

Will already knew he was interested in “Ashley411,” as a certain single called herself. “I could tell from her profile that she was a caring person,” he notes. “And she was pretty hot! Her hair was gorgeous.”

They conversed for awhile before Ashley felt ready to meet in person. “I decided it was time,” she says. Will, on the other hand, was ready from the beginning! “I’m always ready if I think it could be a good date! And her profile told me it would be.”

So how did that date go? Pretty well, apparently. “He looked even better in person than he did online. He planned for everything. And he was sweet.” Ashley was surprised that the conversation went so well. “I thought I had a ‘type’, and that he was similar to it. But there was always something to talk about, and I enjoyed every second I spent with him.” She laughs. “So I guess he’s my type.”

“The conversation was so good,” Will exclaims. “And I had no idea she was so funny! That didn’t come across in her profile at all.” So it all goes back to being sure your profile reflects who you really are? “Definitely! Be who you are, like I said, and don’t be shy!”

After that first date, how sure were they that there would be a second and third? Not surprisingly, these two were nearly 100% convinced. Says Will, “She completely motivated me. I felt energized.” Ashley nods happily. “Will made me think that maybe I actually could have a fulfilling love life!”

Ashley and Will have some final advice for readers who are hesitant to put themselves out there, or are skeptical that online dating will work for them. Ashley is now firmly a believer. “Definitely give it a chance, because it works! But to make it work, you have to put in the time and work to search. If you do, you’ll find someone you like.”

Will never lost his faith in the process. “I can’t say it enough. Don’t be shy! Make sure your profile reflects you accurately. Give it time and put in the work, and you’ll attract someone.”

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