Mixed Marriages

Jannett & Neil -
United States - Jamaica

Married December 2012

Mixed Marriages - Under the Moon, Over the Moon | AfroRomance - Jannett & Neil Mixed Marriages - Under the Moon, Over the Moon | AfroRomance - Jannett & Neil Mixed Marriages - Under the Moon, Over the Moon | AfroRomance - Jannett & Neil Mixed Marriages - Under the Moon, Over the Moon | AfroRomance - Jannett & Neil

Under the Moon, Over the Moon

Jannett wasn’t eager to try online dating, but someone in her life wouldn’t take no for an answer. “A friend insisted,” she says. It’s not that she didn’t have a strong motivation to try, though. As Jannett explains, “I wanted to date persons not of my race, and they were hardly in my home country.” Still, she put her odds of meeting Mr. Right at about 40%. That’s right — Jannett would be more confident in the outcome of a coin toss! But sometimes the stars have a way of aligning for us…

Meet Neil, Janett’s other half. Before they met, his outlook was rosier than hers. Neil says he was 90% certain the woman for him was out there, and that he could find her. “It was just the right time,” he says. That determination would serve him well over the next 12 months. It didn’t happen for Jannett and Neil right away! Finally, though, he found the woman with the perky username “Java363.”

“He reached out to me by Flirt first, then by message,” says Jannett. She checked out the profile for the user calling himself “IBDMan48.” Jannett is candid about her initial assessment of Neil. “Visually? Not too bad. Intellectually? Sound!”

“She seemed great,” Neil says. So he suggested they meet in person. “I was due a vacation,” Jannett says. She accepted his offer to bridge the gap and take a trip to his neck of the woods. “It was the right time,” Neil adds.

The first thing Jannett noticed when they met face-to-face was Neil’s physical presence. “I liked how tall and handsome he was,” she tells us. Neil remembers thinking, “What a beautiful woman!”

Their conversation flowed readily and the silences in between were very comfortable. “Everything was easy,” Jannett notes. Neil was surprised by “how everything seemed to flow.” There were no miscommunications, red flags or road blocks on their path to getting to know each other. They realized that in one another they had found at least 90% of the potential partner they had in mind when they joined our site.

Jannett remembers being 90% sure they would go out again. Neil was even more certain. “100% sure,” he says.

Their fast-developing relationship had all the earmarks of a keeper. “He was, and still is, very sensitive to my needs. He’s a kindhearted gentleman,” Jannett declares. Neil thinks that he’s found a woman of substance. “She’s about something,” he says of Jannett. “And she makes my life complete.”

With that in mind, Neil started planning a little surprise for Jannett. He kept his intentions under wraps until the moment was right…

Jannett will never forget it. “Ten days after meeting in person and one and a half months after reaching out to me online… under the starlit sky with a big beautiful moon… he asked for my hand,” she beams. “Life has never been so good!”

Spirits buoyed by his own success story, Neil hopes that singles will share in his confidence. “Go for it,” he urges us. “Take a chance!”

Jannett is sure glad he did. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think this was possible,” she says. “But here we are today — wonderfully happy!”

It’s safe to say the stars were in their favor. Let’s hope they smile on you as well!

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