White Women Dating Black Men

Virginia & Zephaniah -
Australia - Kenya

Married March 2012

White Women Dating Black Men - New Year, New Life
 | AfroRomance - Virginia & Zephaniah White Women Dating Black Men - New Year, New Life
 | AfroRomance - Virginia & Zephaniah White Women Dating Black Men - New Year, New Life
 | AfroRomance - Virginia & Zephaniah White Women Dating Black Men - New Year, New Life
 | AfroRomance - Virginia & Zephaniah White Women Dating Black Men - New Year, New Life
 | AfroRomance - Virginia & Zephaniah

New Year, New Life

In her late 40s, Virginia had not made it through love and war unscathed—no one does—so she was a little gun-shy about online dating. “I had given up looking,” she admits. “I was just surfing the Net when I came across AfroRomance and decided to have a look, not actually expecting to meet anyone. I was quickly surprised to meet several nice people.”

Zephaniah was about the same age—in fact, a year older than Virginia—and he too had found the quest for love to be an uphill battle. Our site opened a promising new front. “I wanted to meet someone who was serious about a relationship, and I thought this might be a good place to start,” Zeph informs us. “I was hoping, but I had no luck before now.”

He liked our site and took to online dating right away, but one woman stood out from the rest. “I had been here for awhile and was talking to several different ladies, but ‘Hpy2mtu’ was clearly the one for me,” Zeph says, using Virginia’s screen name. “She looked so lovely and I thought she was interesting straight away.”

Zeph sent a Flirt and Virginia responded in kind. She picks up the story there. “I was suspicious at first, having been burned before, but that soon faded as the emails flowed and we chatted on AfroRomance and Yahoo. We clicked almost immediately.”

They moved right along to phone calls without losing momentum. Who wants to waste time when you’ve been waiting all your life for the right person to share it with? “He fits most of what I hoped and wished for,” Virginia says when asked if Zeph was her “type.” His answer is “Yes, she is exactly what I was looking for.”

Nobody’s favorite date is the first, but the only way to enjoy the more fun-and-relaxed second, third and fourth meetings is to get that first one out of the way. Zeph and Virginia were ready. “Having spent many hours talking, we thought it was time to put our words to action,” she says. Zeph agrees. “I decided to meet because I had learned the type of person she was,” he tells us. “And I had to meet her!”

Conversation flowed very easily in their first encounter. “He was so open about himself: no walls,” Virginia remembers. “I was also pleasantly surprised at how gentle and well spoken he was. Very intelligent. I knew I had found my match.”

Zeph came away from the date feeling equally confident about this connection. “She was the person I would go a long way with,” he says. “It was as if we had known each other forever. I knew in my heart this was the girl for me!”

As their relationship flowered like a beautiful tropical plant, the pair continued to learn more about each other. And what they learned made them feel good about taking the next step. “She was very truthful; she never lied about anything,” Zeph notes, proudly. “She is a strong, truthful person.”

The end of the year always brings with it a new beginning. For Zephaniah and Virginia, December’s last day was the start of something especially meaningful. “It was New Year’s Eve,” begins Virginia. “Although we had spoken of marriage, it came as a surprise when we were at a friend’s wedding in Australia and Zephaniah stood up at the front of the hall…”

He asked Virginia to come forward. Then he said to her, before the assembled guests, “I am proposing to you. Will you marry me?” Her answer was an exuberant “yes!”

“I have never been so fulfilled and happy,” beams Virginia. Her fiancé says “My life is now settled. After a long journey, I feel I have arrived.”

Zeph adds some advice for singles on our site. “This can be a great place to meet people,” he says. “If you are sincere, it will happen. Don’t play games; people get hurt.” Virginia chimes in that members should “be as honest as you can.”

Honesty is the best policy, but perseverance doesn’t hurt, either. Look at what these two, well into their fourth decade of life, have found—a love that teenagers would envy.

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