Black Men Asian Women

Catherine & Timothy -
Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

Married December 2017

Black Men Asian Women - He Brought Flowers on the Plane | AfroRomance - Catherine & Timothy Black Men Asian Women - He Brought Flowers on the Plane | AfroRomance - Catherine & Timothy

He Brought Flowers on the Plane

It’s fitting that users with the handles “Aquarius71” and “Lordschild” would hit it off, as they both sound like noble figures from antiquity. Catherine (guess we know what her Zodiac sign is?) says she signed up to branch out. “Getting to know different people from different cultures” prompted her to pull together a profile for our site. “I was just trying it out,” she admits. Timothy (aka “Lordschild”) says his motive was “to meet women of my interest.”

Timothy was definitely the kind of guy Catherine wanted to meet, too. It’s no wonder they fell for each other. She’ll never forget the moment he proposed. “We woke up that morning, just lying in bed and talking about our relationship, and in the middle of our conversation he suddenly asked me if I was ready to become his wife. Of course I said ‘yes’ right away!”

Now that the couple are married, they’ve been nice enough to look back at how it all began. Timothy had been a member for six months, on and off, when he saw Catherine’s profile pop up on the site. “When I saw her online, I instantly sent her a message,” he tells us. Catherine checked out Timothy’s profile and liked the way he presented himself. She adds, “I’m very much attracted to dark-skinned guys.” Timothy says he too was looking for interracial love. “I preferred to meet Asian women,” he explains. Catherine fit the bill.

They still had to click, of course, and fortunately their chats concocted immediate chemistry. “After talking for a while, I felt that he was the one I was looking for,” Catherine says with a smile. Timothy was ready to meet her in person. “My interest in her had deepened by then,” he tells us.

So he made plans to pay her a visit in her home country. “He came to the Philippines in January 2017,” remembers Catherine. “He brought me flowers all the way from the U.S. and I gave him a tour of my city. He stayed for two months.” Timothy says, “The rest is history!”

Today, the duo is proud to say their search for love is over. “He’s the man of my dreams,” declares Catherine. Timothy is on the same page. “She’s the one I’ve been looking for my whole life. I can’t get enough of her.” She says he is the same person she met online — as advertised, you might say. “I just love everything about him,” she declares. “He’s so romantic, always saying ‘I love you’ to me.”

Finding love has turned Timothy’s life around, he informs us. Catherine could say the same. “It has made me a whole new person!”

Hoping that others will find the same happiness, Catherine and Timothy offer their advice to site members. He suggests that singles be thorough in getting to know each other. “Ask about the things you’re looking for. Be straightforward and respectful to them, regardless of their nationality, status and color.”

“Just be yourself,” counsels Catherine. “You don’t have to be what you aren’t. And most of all, be honest to the person you are talking to.”

Honestly, we’re very happy to have helped these two connect.

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