Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Leysa & Gary

    “Found My Lover And Best Friend”

    Leysa joined this site in 2014 and never returned since the day she signed up until 2016. She joined the site because New York is a big place but someone always knows someone else. "I was not only looking for something different but someone who I could exercise my communication skills with", she say… read more

  • Sophie & Jean

    “Love Journey”

    My name is Sophie. I met Jean on this site three years back and he traveled from Spain to visit me in Uganda. I later went visiting him in Spain and right now we are so much in love and engaged. Jean is my other half and this weekend I will be traveling to Spain with my 3year old son to spend Xm… read more

  • Tina and Jay

    “My Search Is Over”

    I was living in Canada with plans to return to the U.K. I started talking to someone on this site. We have so much in common, she lives in Germany. I am now back home in the U.K. We talk, video text each other every day. I feel as if we were truly meant to meet somehow, and she feels the same. … read more

  • Kim & Edward

    “Found A Rare Pearl in Kenya”

    Kim was inspired to try out online dating because she wanted to try to date outside her race and found the interracial dating experience to be interesting. Edward also wanted to date outside his race saying, "I found your site helpful in that regard." Initially, their confidence in online datng was … read more

  • Micha & Tony

    “From Future "Cat Lady" to Happy Wife”

    When it came to finding Mr. Right, Micha was at a loss. “I was about to become the next cat lady,” she laughs. As for Tony, the man she met on our site, his confidence wasn’t brimming over, either. “Ehhhh,” he says when asked how optimistic he was that he’d meet someone special online. … read more