Dating Black Men

Kelly & Qaiyim -
Texas, United States

Dating Black Men - Give It a Chance | AfroRomance - Kelly & Qaiyim

Give It a Chance

When “KitKat66” and “GQ2Please” connected on our site, they were both motivated by the same desire. “The hope of finding a good person” inspired them to try online dating. Both singles say they were “optimistic” that they could find what they were looking for on our site.

Some simple profile browsing kick-started this romance. Qaiyim (GQ2Please) spotted a certain someone’s profile, liked her picture and thought she seemed “sweet.” At that point he’d been a member for two months.

“He reached out to me,” remembers Kelly, aka KitKat. She’d been a member for about a year by then. She says that a review of Qaiyim’s profile convinced her that she was dealing with a kind person, so she responded.

Their early conversations went well, so a date was scheduled. In person, he found her “beautiful” and she was impressed with his “sweet and loving” nature. “Sense of humor” goes a long way with Kelly, and Qaiyim had that in spades. He liked how “laid back” this gal was and repeatedly praises her “loving heart.”

It was a great date. “Things flowed,” Kelly reports. Both singles consider the other “very” similar to what they would consider their “type.”

This experience has convinced Kelly and Qaiyim that “there is hope of finding an amazing love!” You just have to “open your heart and let someone in,” advises Kelly. “Give love a chance!” adds Qaiyim.

Thanks for the report, folks! Keep ‘em coming.

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