Interracial Marriage

Annie & Ennerys -
Maryland, United States

Engaged January 2013

Interracial Marriage - Close Your Eyes | AfroRomance - Annie & Ennerys Interracial Marriage - Close Your Eyes | AfroRomance - Annie & Ennerys Interracial Marriage - Close Your Eyes | AfroRomance - Annie & Ennerys

Close Your Eyes

Once our members “anniedoodle” and “abbadd03” found each other, their lives would never be the same. But before they met and got engaged, they were just single people in search of the right romantic fit.

“It’s easier to find someone online,” explains Annie. “This was my first experience!” Ennerys agrees. “I just wanted to be matched up. It’s safer and more convenient from the comfort of your home!”

Both were “skeptical” that their efforts would be rewarded with a rich and lasting relationship, but that’s just what happened. Annie and Ennerys joined the site around the same time and within just a few months they connected. “I reached out to Annie through a Flirt, a message, then chat,” recalls Ennerys. “I thought she was hot, but reserved.”

“He was cute, and seemed genuine,” Annie noticed. “He seemed to have the qualities I was looking for. I knew before we met that he was my type.” Ennerys was just as sure Annie was the sort of person he hoped to meet. So he asked her out! “I was ready to take the next step,” he says.

When they met in person, temperatures rose quickly. Ennerys remembers thinking, “She’s hot!” Annie’s first thought was “Wow! He’s better looking in person!” Ennerys had a similar reaction. “Same here,” he says. “She was much hotter than her profile pic.”

The first date went off with flying colors. “I knew we were going out again,” says Ennerys. Annie tells us she was “very sure” she wanted to see this gentleman again.

Before long, things were getting serious. Then came a night neither of them would ever forget. Ennerys explains, “I told her I bought a necklace for her. When I arrived at her home, I asked her to close her eyes so I could put the necklace on. When she did, I told her to turn around, showed her the ring, and proposed!”

“I’m fulfilled and very happy,” Annie says of her reaction to being engaged and the presence of Ennerys in her life. He is infused with a peace and serenity he’s never before experienced. “I feel complete,” Ennerys declares.

Remember how skeptical these two were that it could happen for them? Annie and Ennerys acknowledge that many singles believe love only happens to other people. Here is their advice: “Take your time, be honest, and write plenty about you and what you’re looking for,” Annie tells online daters. Ennerys offers guys the reminder “Be honest, and respect the ladies.”

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