Interracial Marriage

Revy & Harrison -
Round Rock,Texas, United States

Engaged July 2014

Interracial Marriage - He Showed up at Her Work with a Surprise | AfroRomance - Revy & Harrison Interracial Marriage - He Showed up at Her Work with a Surprise | AfroRomance - Revy & Harrison Interracial Marriage - He Showed up at Her Work with a Surprise | AfroRomance - Revy & Harrison

He Showed up at Her Work with a Surprise

Things happen pretty fast in the online dating world. One day “LilLibra” and “Velvet1967” are just usernames on our site. But before you know it, the singles behind these profiles are vibing, getting close and ultimately making marriage plans!

We asked the happy couple what inspired them to try online dating in the first place. “I was looking for an interracial relationship,” Revy tells us. We were the first site she went to. Harrison says he was “looking for love” and adds that he’d never been a member of an interracial dating site before. The pair agrees that they had “little” confidence that this enterprise would prove successful.

“LilLibra” was active on our site for a year and “Velvet1967” for a year and a half before Harrison sent Revy a Flirt. As she remembers it, “Harrison reached out to me via Flirt, then email, then we talked on the phone. Apparently, Revy’s lovely eyes were irresistible to Harrison. She read his profile; the part about what Harrison was looking for really impressed her. “He was up front and honest,” she explains.

After some of what they describe as “open communication” about what they were looking for, what they had in common, etc., Revy and Harrison felt ready to go out on a date. When they met in person, Revy appreciated Harrison’s “big smile” and called him “a teddy bear.” She was relieved to find that “he was really who he said he was.” Harrison says he thought Revy was “very sexy,” right off the bat.

The singles were surprised at the strength of their connection from Day 1 and felt extremely comfortable together. Both were certain it was a good idea to go out again, so they did! Subsequent dates only confirmed their hopes. This was a great match.

Harrison was delighted to discover that Revy’s cooking is to die for. She really appreciates “not having to ask him to do something — he just does it!” In addition to being a dependable guy, he’s very much “her type,” too.

One day Harrison decided that it was time to take this thing to the next level. “He flew to Phoenix and spent the week and the day after Valentine’s Day,” Revy recalls. “He and my kids came to my job! With my kids’ support and backing, he proposed in the lobby, in front of everyone.”

She said “yes” and now Revy and Harrison are preparing for their nuptials. We’ll close with a few words of advice from the fiancé and fiancée. “Just give the person a chance, you might be surprised,” suggests Revy. Harrison adds, “Be honest and open. Communicate your feelings.”

Who knows? One day, you might even end up going to work single and coming home engaged.

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