Interracial Marriage

Monique & Ron -
Diamond Bar, California, United States

Married June 2016

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Her First Second Date in Years

The path that Ron and Monique took to the altar was winding, but there sure was some beautiful scenery along the way! Let’s start at the beginning. Monique shares her motivations for joining our site: “The fact that it was interracial dating, and the hope of meeting someone I was compatible with.” Ron had his own reasons for joining. “I felt I had a lot to offer, and I preferred an interracial relationship. I had no desire to grow old alone!”

Monique went into this experience knowing that Internet dating was her best bet. “My social interactions were limited, so I felt that going online offered me greater opportunity to meet the right type of man,” she says. Initially, Ron remembers being cautiously optimistic -- at best. “I was not very confident of meeting THE one,” he admits. “However, I knew that I had to put myself out there, or remain single.”

It took Ron just seven days to sign up, post his profile (username: TryNsee), and meet Monique! Meanwhile, she’d been on our site for roughly four years already. She wasn’t rushing into anything, that’s for sure.

Ron didn’t have to review that many profiles to find Monique’s. This one sparked his interest immediately. “I was intrigued by what she said and what she didn’t say,” he explains. “I felt that there was a lot more to her than she was saying, and she didn’t want to intimidate a man.” Her picture sure didn’t diminish his interest, either. “She was also very lovely!”

All this was more than enough to spur Ron on. He tells us, “I messaged Monique, aka ‘Angel2010.’ She responded the very next day. We talked everyday thereafter and met on the fourth day!”

Monique welcomed Ron’s attention. “His genuine personality really shined through his profile,” she recalls. “I liked his comment, ‘I really like being the man in a relationship,’ because I like being a feminine woman.” And did his photos pass muster? “I also liked his pictures,” Monique adds with a smile.

Before meeting, they did their due diligence to get to know one another. That kind of dialogue can only tell you so much, however. “I enjoyed our conversations and felt that there was a connection,” says Monique. “But I wanted to meet to see if that same connection was there in person.”

Ron was eager to take the next step. “Our conversations were very comfortable and easy,” he informs us. “I was curious to see if that flowed into real life! She seemed a bit TOO perfect and meeting would answer a lot of questions.”

A little anxious that his hopes would be dashed, Ron invited Monique out on a date. “I had gifts and a single red rose for her,” he says.

She picks up the story there. “He drove from Orange County to Culver City to pick me up. Then we drove to the Marina Del Rey harbor for our date, dinner at the Cheesecake Factory right on the water. We ended the night at Venice Beach, where we walked the sand together, by moonlight, and talked some more.”

Ron still reminisces about watching the sailboats and seagulls from the restaurant’s outdoor seating area. He also remembers feeling elated when he laid eyes on Monique for the first time. “She was even more lovely than her online pictures, to my great relief,” Ron laughs. “She was very tastefully put together, and beautiful.”

Monique wasn’t disappointed by Ron’s appearance, either. “He was tall and nicely dressed. He had a nice car. He was an attractive guy!”

We asked the pair what surprised them most about that night. “The most surprising thing about our first date was that he asked me out for a second date over dinner. I said yes! We had our second date the very next day, and had an even better time.”

What prompted Ron to make this bold move was the chemistry that anyone could see. “I was amazed at the ease and complete comfort I felt around her,” he says. “I was never nervous and always felt I could simply be myself. And I was delighted that she said yes to the second date. This was a bit surprising since she had not agreed to a second date in years!”

Many great dates followed. Monique and Ron had many happy surprises in store for them, it turns out. “I learned that he is the type of man who really likes to pamper his woman,” says an appreciative Monique. Ron also learned something about his lady. “I discovered that we are both very affectionate people and love to cuddle,” he says.

A critical turning point in their relationship came when the new couple took a trip together. “We flew to Maryland to meet my family,” recounts Monique. “We were in our hotel room, having a serious talk. We had to decide if we were going to go forward with the relationship, or if this was the end of the road.”

The issue came down to a question of trust; could Monique truly open up to Ron, and this relationship? “I knew early in the relationship that I was more deeply invested than she was,” Ron reveals. “I had to be patient with her and show her my character and love for her in order to gain her trust. During our trip to Maryland I was faced with the real possibility of losing her, which I could not tolerate even thinking about. I agonized over this and we ended up talking very late that night.”

Monique hints that previous relationships might have been weighing on her. “I had to decide if I was going to stay tied to the past, or move forward into the future,” she explains. “I was a very walled-off person and generally did not allow people to get too close to me. In addition, I had to allow myself to be vulnerable and, as a result, be very honest with him. As a result of his strong and loving character, he kicked down the walls and swept me off my feet. I decided I didn’t want to be with anyone else.”

Ron felt a tremendous relief at this outcome. “We decided to fly home together the next day and we have been together every day since.”

With that obstacle behind them, Monique and Ron never looked back. “I proposed to her in Laguna Beach, California,” Ron says proudly. “It was in a luxury suite overlooking the ocean. Very romantic.”

Monique answered in the affirmative and in due time, they got married. “It’s such a blessing to have found the man of your dreams and know that this is the man you’ll spend the rest of your life with,” she says.

Ron knows how lucky he is to have completed his search. “Monique’s love has brought joy, hope and laughter back into my life,” he declares. “She is my best friend and the reason I believe that my future is very bright.”

So was Ron really Monique’s “type,” and vice versa? “He is very much my type,” gushes Monique. “Tall, professional, mature. He has that George Clooney, sexy mature man thing going on.” Once he gets done blushing Ron says, “Monique is the very embodiment of everything I find attractive in a woman. God made her just for me.”

Monique has this to say to everyone who is dating online in hopes of finding the One. “Don’t settle for less than you deserve. It may take a little longer to find; it didn’t happen for me overnight. But I believed in love, I believed in myself and I trusted God to bring the right person into my life at the right time. It sounds cliché, but when the right person comes along, you really will know it.”

Ron offers this to our readers. “Always be completely honest in your profile. Any untruth will eventually come out and may just attract the wrong person anyway. To find a soulmate, you must first be genuinely yourself, or your mate will never see you. When you find your soulmate, everything will be easy, comfortable and right. You’ll have a peace that comes from God.”

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