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Dorothy & Alton -
Lebanon, Tennessee, United States

Interracial Singles - A Pretty Fly Guy | AfroRomance - Dorothy & Alton Interracial Singles - A Pretty Fly Guy | AfroRomance - Dorothy & Alton Interracial Singles - A Pretty Fly Guy | AfroRomance - Dorothy & Alton

A Pretty Fly Guy

Dorothy remembers joining our site for the sole reason that someone in her life recommended us. “A friend suggested it,” she says. “I still believed in love, but I was skeptical.”

“It made sense to me,” Alton explains about the allure of online dating. “I had been single for two and a half years, and I was ready to give dating another shot. I was hopeful!”

“Less than a week” after posting their profiles (with screen names “Annd51” and “HoodyRoc777”), these two connected. “Dorothy initiated the Flirt because I was so fly,” laughs Alton. While we’re sure his looks were a factor for her, Dorothy cites “his love for God” when asked what it was about Alton’s profile that sparked her interest. “He was my type for sure,” she adds.

And he responded! Alton tells us that “her transparency in what she was looking for” appealed to him. He says that Dorothy was “spot on” as far as potential matches go. So after some chatting the duo decided to get together for a date. Dorothy mentions that they met in Louisville, Kentucky because that made the most sense at the time. “We had dinner and a lot of great conversation,” Alton recalls. “She was beautiful!”

“It was so surreal,” Dorothy says of that night. “He was such a good listener!” Alton tells us he was surprised by “how much fun she was.” He was “very sure” they’d go out again, too. “Oh yeah!” Alton exclaims when asked. On the other side, Dorothy was “100 percent” certain they would have a second date.

We asked the couple what they ultimately learned about each other that their profiles didn’t include. “He has such a good heart,” Dorothy gushes. Her man feels similarly. “She is very compassionate and empathetic,” Alton notes.

Things did need to be worked out before the relationship could go full speed ahead. “We were both healing from previous relationships,” Dorothy reveals. But one day, “at home in Michigan” she realized this one was different, and special. “I was sitting in the parking lot at work,” Alton says of the ah-ha moment for him. Finding love has definitely changed his life. “It has renewed my faith in love,” Alton declares. Dorothy adds, “I am alive again!”

Here’s what Dorothy tells singles to do when dating online. “Be transparent. Put all your cards on the table,” she urges. Alton advises us to “Make your intentions known up front. Have the uncomfortable conversations when needed. Don’t be afraid of ‘yellow flag talk.’”

This couple just got the checkered flag for crossing the finish line of love.

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