Mixed Marriages

Dana & Tre -
Australia - United States

Engaged May 2012

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Awestruck in Australia

After Dana and Tre’ had been together awhile, they decided to take a little vacation together. “We went away for a couple days’ retreat,” she recalls. “He took me bush walking in a beautiful rainforest. The waterfall was flowing and the birds were chirping. He looked at me with conviction and said, ‘I would love to marry you. Would you?’ Tears welled in my eyes, and I replied without hesitation. ‘Yes, I would!’”

The story of how this couple came to be should be of interest to anyone still searching for that “boo” to call their own!

“I was a stay-at-home, single mum and didn’t get out much to meet people,” says Dana, who lives in Australia. She says that online dating gave her “a chance to read through profiles and get to know a person slowly and truly. The more I kept meeting people, the more confident and sure I became that I would eventually find my man.”

Tre’ was a little more wary of online dating. The idea of setting up dates with people you’ve never met—or even seen in person—does take some getting used to. “I was skeptical,” he says. “Your site was my first experience with it. God opened the door for us!”

Tre’ didn’t notice Dana at first. His membership was just three months old when Dana scoped out his profile. Our site will let you know who looks at your profile, so that led Tre’ to take a peek at Dana’s.

“I checked out his profile a few times, then he Flirted with me,” she says. Her initial impression of Tre’ was that “he was gentle and humble, patient and kind.” His thoughts were also very positive. “Sweet and very down to earth!” he says of Dana.

We asked the couple, “What made you decide you were ready to meet for a date?” Dana responds, “An inner knowing. It just felt right! We had spent hours talking every day, really getting to know each other. So he flew across the continent to meet me, and stayed with me.”

As their first of many magical evenings began, Dana felt like she might have floated away if she wasn’t indoors. This guy knocked her socks off. “WOW!” she thought. “OMG! He is perfect!” Tre’ laughs and explains “I am better in person. Her eyes are even brighter [in person], too!”

Three weeks later, Tre’ went home with a certainty that he wouldn’t be parted from his sweetheart for long. Dana informs us she was on board all the way. The “physical connection” was in place. “He is very much my type!” she declares. But his “sincerity and warmth” showed her that there was more to this cat than a hot bod.

Since meeting Tre’, Dana’s life is better than ever before. “I feel more balanced,” she says. Tre’ chimes in with this: “It’s made me more complete!”

Given the obstacles singles face, what should they do to find their own Dana or Tre’? “Be honest, be willing to grow within a relationship, and be patient!” she says.

“Keep it real,” Tre’ adds. “Tell the truth. And be prepared to have someone in your life!”

Are you prepared? If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you are. Your own love story might be about to start…

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