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Stacey & Talmadge -
Kansas City, Missouri, United States

White Men Dating - Newbies Who Nailed It on Their First Try | AfroRomance - Stacey & Talmadge White Men Dating - Newbies Who Nailed It on Their First Try | AfroRomance - Stacey & Talmadge

Newbies Who Nailed It on Their First Try

What inspired Stacey to sign up on our site and post an online dating profile? “I was having trouble finding white guys who were interested in black women,” she confesses, adding that she was “skeptical, at best” about the power of internet dating. We were the very first site she tried.

Talmadge was also a newbie. He was drawn to try this by the lack of dating options in his area. “I’ve always been attracted to black women, but I’d never dated one,” says Talmadge. “There were no black women in my area that interested me,” he laments. “I had been alone for three years!”

Could our site break the streak and bring him someone who was relationship material? “I wasn’t confident [about online dating],” Talmadge admits. “I thought it was a joke!”

Joke or not, a couple of weeks after posting his profile with the username “Humble1973” Talmadge received a message from Stacey… Her username was “ShyBookie76” and she’d only been with us a few months herself. “I thought he was handsome,” she says of her decision to reach out with a flirtatious message, adding, “He also seemed honest.” Apparently Talmadge was “somewhat similar” to her type. Stacey notes that she is generally “attracted to white guys with beards and tattoos.”

After getting her email, Talmadge pulled up Stacey’s profile for a look-see… And it inspired him to write back. “It was her picture,” he explains. “Her lips!” They began communicating and getting to know each other better. “I liked her demeanor,” says Talmadge. Eventually Stacey became convinced that they should meet in real life. “He intrigued me with the questions he posed,” she tells us. “I drove to Lebanon to finally meet him.”

When she got out of the car and he greeted her, Stacey was struck by the size of the man standing before her. “I knew he was over six feet tall, but I was still in awe,” she laughs. Talmadge says he remembers a little voice in his head telling him, “Kiss her!”

We asked Stacey what was most surprising about Date No. 1. “That I drove that far to meet him,” she declares. “Glad I did!” What surprised him most was “that we clicked just like we did over the phone,” says Talmadge. By all accounts they had a lovely time. “I cooked her homemade burritos for dinner,” he shares. There was no uncertainty in his mind about asking Stacey out again. “I was, without a doubt, sure.”

Stacey indicates that his dating profile didn’t capture the fact that Talmadge “has a caring soul,” and he echoes the sentiment. “She has a caring nature.”

Their courtship was not without obstacles, however. Stacey cites “unsupportive family” as a challenge, and Talmadge reminds us of the distance separating them. However, the singles remember the conversation that convinced them their relationship could be special. “I was at work, in the parking lot, texting him,” says Stacey, and Talmadge was “sitting on the couch” at the time.

From there they decided to do whatever it took to make this work. “I’m happier about life, all around,” Stacey observes. “I feel more complete, and I feel a helluva lot better,” says Talmadge.

Here are Stacey’s words of encouragement for everyone who is still looking for love. “Don’t give up, and don’t compromise on what you want,” she reminds us. Talmadge advises singles to “be open-minded, and be yourself.”

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