Does interracial sex really save humanity?

Posted by Ria, 02 Jun 09

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Sometime ago … over a year ago, I wrote an article on mixed-race individuals: 'Will interracial sex save humanity?' And there was some long DNA lecture in it. I also posed a question in a similar post: 'Are mixed-race children better looking?'

Interracial sex has been equated to inter-breeding or blending of two dramatically different gene pools, which as the theory goes, is believed to lead to genetic paradise. This theory is also insinuated in the controversial book 'Breeding Between the Lines: Why Interracial People are Healthier and More Attractive' by Alon Ziv.

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People have always construed mixed-race individuals to be genetically healthier than those born to same-race parents. In fact having written the article myself, I believed it too. Depending on how you look at it, this means they are healthy enough to produce children who will live to reach procreation age or for those that seem to think mixed-race individuals are more beautiful, then you could say they have some kind of head-start in reproductive stakes because they find mates more easily.

I mean who can refute this theory with mixed-race individuals like President Barack Obama, Jessica Alba, Lewis Hamilton, Tiger Woods (among others) on our posters? Look at the success they have garnered. But does this mean same-race individuals have no 'poster worthy' individuals? Hell they do! (I know you can list them even in your dreams).

Back to genetics, who said same race procreation is like incest or inbreeding? Yes, we admit that incest does cause problems. Yes, it has been proven that children from communities that practice consanguineous marriages (between close relatives) are inexplicably born with certain disorders tied to this practice. Yes, having two sets of very different genetic make-ups is essential to not inheriting a genetic pathology. But looking at health studies, there are no astounding benefits that come by being born of mixed parentage.

Generally, the rate of birth defects among mixed-race babies seems to be similar to that of babies of same-race parentage. This means, interracial sex isn’t inter-breeding. And much as people come in different races, ethnicities or skin colors, the underlying contents are not that genetically distinct. Genetically, we are all similar. Just as computers are divided into races like Compaq, Dell, Gateway or Micron, so are we. But we all know their components are completely interchangeable. Races are just labels but generally, there are no genetic differences.

Do you still believe interracial sex saves humanity?

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  1.   dolly48 says:
    Posted: 09 Sep 09

    comment @ whurr: I think a female friend would do you some good..... anyway, i cant believe this question? Ria where do you get this shit? It almost sounds like we should all have babies with folks of different backgrounds just to "save humanity?" We need to do that with our minds and hearts, not with just sex. Let me say this: I have an adult daughter, (AA). She is an only child. While I have always wanted another baby, I am not going to go to some white male and say "Knock me up, we need to save humanity" Some may even be willing, but that is not the point. IF I wanted to have a child with a white/non black male, it would be for the love of having a child. Geez! Don't kids have enough problems already without the added pressure of being created to "save the world?" and another thing: the question: "Are mixed race children better looking? What kind of a question is that? Who the hell cares what a child looks like. I wanted a healthy baby when I was pregnant, not: boy, girl, light skinned, dark skinned, straight hair, kinky haired, brown eyed, blue eyed etc child. I wanted a healthy baby! that was it! personally as her mother I thought she was beautiful, but so what if she was butt ugly? SHE WAS MINE, and i wanted her! from the stupid question, it seems like blacks should not have babies together, whites should not have babies together, etc. because their babies would not be "pretty". What the hell? JMHO

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  2.   Andrew says:
    Posted: 08 Sep 09

    my answer is no... Why you people even wonder if its pretty obvious that it shouldnt be so wide spread as it already is... Its funny how our feeligs as wholeraced people (especially caucasian) are being hurt almost all the time... And when you ask these kind of questions its ok!? Reality check... It is our fault I guess afteralll... But it is your responsobility to keep it real and going... We all live in this small world, dont fuck it up!

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  3.   Sunjoy says:
    Posted: 06 Aug 09

    Neither I support this nor do I in favour of this.I also agree that love can save the world.Meaningful valu excahange between couples is the key to love and relationship, not the different color.Children are taught wrongly from their childhood. They (Children, teen agers) shold be taught properly from school. The responsibilities rest on teachers and parents. For instance,the self was devalued through reducing sex to the level of scratching an itch or through making self-destruction such as drinking and doing drugs the cool thing to do or through encouraging love for others because of different skin color instead of meaningful value exchange.

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  4.   Member says:
    Posted: 28 Jul 09

    Interesting idea but I'm not sure it would work

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  5.   fadedsuede says:
    Posted: 26 Jul 09

    I never met anyone so far to make an attempt at testing this hypothesis. Im hoping that I will be able to do so before I turn 45; one's options become fewer and fewer with each passing year :(

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  6.   Borat says:
    Posted: 25 Jul 09

    I was so frustrated beacuse I couldn`t resolve this issue. Then I found your site in google and problem is solved. Thanks!

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  7.   Ashton says:
    Posted: 21 Jul 09

    I usually don't post in blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful !

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  8.   Gerund says:
    Posted: 17 Jul 09

    Love is what will save humanity. If we can all learn to love one another, we won't need to worry about what race/ethnicity we are, we won't have to worry about religion, we won't have to worry about sexual orientation, we won't need to worry about political affiliation... If we could all just truly love one another, we could put aside all our differences and live as a peaceful people. So... Yes, interracial marriage, interracial LOVE will help to save humanity. Interracial sex on the other hand, will save no one... because sex doesn't always equal love.

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  9.   aliekatt2 says:
    Posted: 14 Jul 09

    My son went to school with Jessica, she's a boss. Very sweet too.

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  10.   whurr says:
    Posted: 06 Jun 09

    Yes interracial sex does save humanity. I try to save humanity everyday. The key word is 'try'. I will admit superhero powers have lost their flair...I have been 'trying' to save humanity alone lately. I found out that...saving humanity alone isn't as fun as saving humanity with someone else. I would like to talk more, but I think I am possibly saving humanity at the Vacation World in Kissimmee around 11Pm tonight so I need to run. WHOOSSSHHHHHHHH

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  11.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 04 Jun 09

    I saw a show in which scientists used DNA to trace humans from Mitochondrial Eve, who has been credited as the mother of all living humans. It was a fascinating program, I think part of the NOVA series. One of the final statements was that there is less chromosome variance, by far, in the entire human gene pool than there is in a single grouping of great apes. With that information in hand, I would have to say, no, interracial sex does not really save humanity. There are plenty of people who have added far more to the world than Tiger Woods, Jessica Alba, Lewis Hamilton (he's a bit of a stretch isn't he?) or even Barack Obama (so far, the results really aren't in on him. Being elected President is a great symbol for Black folks and Interracial folks, but let's remember, George W. was also elected President, at least once). Or even those four combined! Many, if not most, of the greatest contributions to humanity thus far were contributed by people who are not considered interracial. Marie Curie, Gandhi, Cochise, Jesus and Hank Aaron (okay, a personal favorite, but he and other Black athletes and other entertainers of his generation were instrumental in creating a mind set where Barack could be elected) were all considerably more accomplished than the quartet cited in this article. The greatest accomplishment we can cite for interracial sex (setting aside my personal arguments in favor of it!!! LOL) is that it could promote more harmony among people. In the main, it is a lot harder to hate Black guys if your sister is married to one. It isn't as easy to spout stereotypes about the Irish if your brother has children that are half-Irish. Of course to the truly ignorant, deep-rooted bigots, interracial sex can be just another reason to hate.

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  12.   homesteader says:
    Posted: 02 Jun 09

    My computer is a Dell , my wife and I met on this site at a more Mature age . Probably will not have any children born of our marriage . My previously 4 daughters who were born American citizens with Caucasian mothers , have never experienced any birth defects or major health problems . Yet any advancements in their lives / were the hard work that they themselves had given forth . Humanity will survive long after Us reading this topic . No matter who marries who . Tiger Woods achieved his fame through constant practice in the sport of Golf in order to increase his skill . The bottomline is my answer to your question being - No .

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