Polar Opposites

Posted by Ria, 26 Nov

Tracy and Christian met in 8th-grade math class. Christian was the quiet kid with tattoos who sat in the back of the class, while Tracy was the first student who always had her hand up, ready to answer every question.

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They were opposites, but Christian was head over heels for Tracy from the start; however, Tracy needed some convincing. Nevertheless, Christian continued to pursue Tracy and succeeded nearly two years later.

In the following months, they quickly became inseparable, and their love story began on 13th June 2014. They are each other's best friends and sweethearts. They are now husband and wife as of 25th September 2021.

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  1.   Sieza says:
    Posted: 17 Apr

    Just happy to discover this part of the site. It's engaging!

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  2.   Nicedes says:
    Posted: 05 Aug 22

    Well done

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  3.   MetroRail says:
    Posted: 17 Jun 22

    Truly inspirational. May your marriage last for man centuries.

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