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When Doing Random Things Is a Riot

Asked why she turned to the Internet to help find her new boo, Kassandra said, “I was tired of pointless relationships.” But she was “not confident at all” that the tactic would produce meaningful results in her love life.

Richard sketches out his experience in the space. “I’ve tried many sites before, but this one seem serious,” he says. “I too was tired of pointless relationships! I was honestly pretty nervous, but I gave it a shot.”

While Richard’s membership was on and off, Kassandra toiled for two years before meeting her match. What caught his eye was her artistic nature. “I love that she loved writing, and that was something that captured my attention,” he says. And so, the regal-sounding “KingRichie29” felt compelled to contact the lovely “BeautyyyLil” through our site. “Richard reached out to me with an instant message,” Kassandra recalls. “His profile seemed genuine.”

Their conversations were like a comedy show. “He made me laugh nonstop,” exclaims Kassandra. Richard appreciated the friendly audience. “She kept laughing at my jokes, and I loved her laugh,” he says. “So I drove down to her city and hung out with her.” Kassandra smiles at the memory. “We met in my city and hung out all day, doing random things.”

How did first impressions go, in this case? “He is HANDSOME,” Kassandra thought. Richard found that she was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. “I couldn’t stop smiling at her,” he says. Did the comedy routine continue, Kassandra? “He was even funnier in person!” she confirms.

Needless to say, there was interest in another date. “I asked her for a second, a third and a fourth,” says Richard. In the course of those dates, and quite a few more, he came to appreciate how “very down to earth” Kassandra is. She said Richard’s profile didn’t prepare her for what a “very passionate human being” he is. However, that doesn’t mean this was an obvious pairing, in her mind. “He wasn’t my type at all, which took me by surprise,” comments Kassandra. She’s shocked by how well they work together. Richard adds, “I wasn’t her type, but she was mine!”

The traveling required for the two of them to meet did pose a challenge, but Kassandra remembers the moment she realized she didn’t care about that inconvenience: “When he hugged me and whispered sweet things in my ear,” she says. For Richard, the “a-ha!” moment about this relationship came on another occasion. “The minute she looked at me with this one look, I knew.”

Kassandra says, “[the relationship] makes me happy, not only with him, but myself.” Richard remarks, “She is an amazing woman, and my life has improved [since she came into it].”

Here’s what Kassandra has to say to those of us who haven’t been as fortunate yet. “Don’t give up! Yes, it gets annoying, and yes, you will meet people who end up wasting your time, but don’t give up on finding the one who will constantly make you smile nonstop.”

That’s definitely a service Richard can provide! For his part, he recognizes that the road can be rocky for singles. “It’s hard to find someone genuine, caring and loyal. But there are good women out there who are, so don’t give up. It’ll be amazing in the long run.”

A sense of humor helps, too.

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