Interracial Marriage

Evelyn & Roy -
Louisiana, United States

Married May 2012

Interracial Marriage - Well, I Guess It’s Time | AfroRomance - Evelyn & Roy

Well, I Guess It’s Time

“I was bored, just looking for someone,” Evelyn says, remembering why she bought a membership with us. “This was not my first dating site. I’d just about given up!”

This wasn’t Roy’s first online dating experience, either. “I was looking for the love of my life,” Roy tells us. He was “fairly confident” our site might be where he hit the jackpot.

Three months after Roy signed up, Evelyn followed suit. It took another month for them to connect. “She sent a Flirt,” he tells us. And what possessed her to do that? Well, let’s just say his profile stood out from the pack. Evelyn remembers what she thought, viewing Roy’s profile for the first time. Her heart told her “He is the one.”

Roy’s reaction to Evelyn’s Flirt was “Let’s see where this leads.” He describes his attitude at that time as “curious.” They corresponded and communicated and connected until there was just no doubt about it—time to meet in person! “He looked good and I felt good about it,” Evelyn says.

On their first date, Evelyn marveled “Wow, he looks better in person!” Roy seemed “nice, and confident.” She was surprised at how well they got along. Going out again was a foregone conclusion. “She was hot, and ready for a relationship,” Roy laughs.

One day, quite a ways down the romantic road, Roy said to Evelyn, “Well, I guess it’s time” and proposed! She accepted without hesitation.

“Just keep trying, and follow your heart,” Evelyn advises singles. Roy tells fellas feeling low about love that it’s a long road, but the destination is sweet. “She is out there. You must not give up!”

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