3 alternative date ideas for adventurous couples

Posted by Ria, 23 Feb

Bloomberg News compiled data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in September and determined that half of Americans are currently single. That means a good number of people are either happy being alone or frequently going out on dates in search of their soul mate.

Dinner and a movie dates are commonly the first encounter potential couples have with one another. While women love confidence in men and men tend be attracted to femininity and vulnerability, neither like ordinary and boring, particularly on first dates. A surefire way to guarantee a second rendezvous or spice up your long-term relationship is by getting creative with date nights.

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Hunting Lodges

Dinner dates can be both romantic and exciting if you harvest the meat yourselves. Hotels have increasingly began catering to outdoorsy individuals wanting to spend their days stalking deer and elk and retire to a warm, comfortable bed in the evening. Hunting lodges range from luxurious to budget-friendly and there are no shortage of them, regardless of state.

The Caryonah Hunting Lodge in Crossville, Tennessee. offers both private cabins and lodging, along with 2,000 acres of private hunting land. They specialize in guided wild boar hunts, but also offer buffalo, deer and goat excursions as well. The Heartland Lodge in Nebo, Illinois offers affordable fall turkey hunts, along with clay shooting for couples just looking to show off their marksmanship.

Most hunting lodges are full service, meaning you can get all the necessary tags and licenses you need right there, along with taxidermy and meat processing. Some lodges even offer special hunts during extended and off seasons. White Oak Plantation in Tuskegee, Alabama is currently taking reservations for February hunts. Just show up with your certificate of completed hunter education course and everything else is taken care of on-site.

Guided Spelunking

Die-hard gamers in their 30s and 40s may recognize the term spelunker because of the old Atari video game with the same name. Spelunking is the recreational exploration of caves and underground tunnels. It used to be a niche activity for adventurers wanting to explore the deepest, darkest caves they could find. But Gary Berdeaux, owner of Park City, Kentucky-based Diamond Caverns, told News OK that the natural curiosity of humans made the activity wildly popular beginning in the early 20th century.

There is no shortage of spelunking destinations across the country either. Oregon Caves National Monument offers summer caving tours for adventurous individuals and couples. Those living in the Great Cave State of Missouri have numerous options for guided spelunking. Howe Caverns in Upstate New York and Boyden Caverns in California's Sequoia National Park are also popular destinations for people living in those areas.

Caving comes with inherent dangers, including hypothermia, falls and bites from bats. Always follow the instructions of your guide and make certain to wear all the proper clothing and equipment to minimize injury.

Sky Diving

There is absolutely no substitute for the feeling of free falling and the adrenaline rush that comes along with it. Skydiving is one of those activities that will give you a story to tell everyone in perpetuity and may even help you find a lifetime partner.

It's not difficult to find a skydiving location with dedicated instructors who will do their best to help you overcome pre-jump anxiety and fear. Skydive Zion in Hurricane, Utah, Skydive Oregon in Molalla and Skydive Space Center in Titusville, Florida are just a few of your many options.

A memorable first date likely means an action-filled second date. An exciting night out for committed couples means revitalization of what attracted you to one another in the first place. Some of these ideas may be on the expensive side, but your relationship is worth it.

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