Bad Kisser: Are you one and what should you do about it?

Posted by Leticia, 04 Feb

Discovering you might be a subpar kisser, or dating someone with less-than-stellar kissing skills, can be an uncomfortable realization. A study reveals that 60% of respondents would end a relationship over bad kissing. Fortunately, kissing is a skill that can be honed. This article delves into signs you might be a bad kisser, offers ways to enhance your skills, and provides guidance on addressing a partner's lackluster technique.

Signs of a Subpar Kisser

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Overzealous Approach: Going too hard or fast can be off-putting. Initiate the kiss gently, ensuring alignment with your partner's preferences.

Lack of Enthusiasm: Displaying genuine attraction through your kiss is essential. Balance politeness with genuine passion to convey your connection.

Technique Troubles: Skills matter; focus on a balanced use of tongue, proper head tilting, and mindful placement of hands.

Hygiene Concerns: Attention to basics like fresh breath and personal hygiene is crucial for maintaining romantic appeal.

Improving Your Kissing Skills

Focus on your partner: Embrace mindfulness in kissing; appreciate it for its own sake rather than merely as foreplay.

Gradual Progression: Start gently and observe your partner's cues, advancing only if the mutual interest is evident.

Incorporate Your Entire Body: Utilize hands purposefully, adding a multi-dimensional aspect to your kissing experience.

Seek Feedback: Overcome insecurities by asking your partner for feedback, fostering vulnerability to deepen your connection.

Guidance for Nudging a Partner

Lead by Example: Demonstrate preferred kissing styles by taking the lead. Show them how you want to be kissed, encouraging them to follow suit.

Reciprocal Learning: Suggest taking turns kissing each other the way each desires, allowing for a more direct approach to improving technique.

Open Communication: Address the issue through conversation, emphasizing positive aspects and expressing preferences for improvement.

Being a subpar kisser doesn't spell doom for a relationship. There's always room for improvement with effort. If, however, you find your kissing styles irreconcilable, it's acceptable to reconsider the relationship. Compatibility is crucial, and for those prioritizing it, explore meaningful connections on our platform. Enjoy the journey toward authentic relationships.

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