Elevate your online dating profile: Wear red!

Posted by Ria, 03 Apr

Change your profile picture now! DO IT! Because the lady in red is likely to attract more sexual attention than her otherwise equal equivalents. This is according to Slate who analyzed studies comparing women in red against women wearing other colors. Even in the case of the same woman in different colored clothes, red was picked out most.

The thing is, when it comes to the rules of online dating, people tend to put too much attention on their personal messages [Use “your” instead of “ur”; use "how’s it going" as opposed to a plain “hi”]. And while our personal messages may work, the most critical factor slips unnoticed… Color can change sexual appeal.

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Several studies have been done to prove this. One of these studies was done by Andrew Elliot, a professor at the University of Rochester, and his colleagues several years ago, by asking men to rate attractiveness of a woman in a photo while changing the color of border that framed it to white, red, blue, and green. "The male undergrads who rated the photo bordered in red, found the woman more attractive, were more interested in asking her on a date, and willing to spend more money during the date." The interest was purely sexual. "… men didn’t believe the red-bordered woman was more likable, kind, or intelligent—only that she was more attractive and sexually appealing."

Not satisfied by the above results, Nicolas Gueguen, a psychologist at the University of Southern Brittany in north-western France decided to apply this to real world using 5 brunette women (aged 19-22) posing as hitchhikers wearing different colors of figure-hugging T-shirts. Female motorists stopped no matter the color of T-shirt. On the other hand, male motorists stopped more for brunettes was in red.

Gueguen and his colleague, Céline Jacob, decided to try their experiment on online daters using 64 women. They created 6 different pictures for each women – all identical except for the color of the T-shirt. The women rotated their profile pictures after every 2 weeks. When the women wore red T-shirts, they received more emails; 21% as opposed to 14-17% when they wore the other colors.

Wearing red seems to be one of the simplest unspoken rules of dating that give some people advantages over others. Red seems to trump in the dating game all the time. Its crazy to peg your dating success to a red T-shirt, right? Why it works?

"Animals, from humans to baboons to finches, flush red when they’re sexually receptive. A woman’s skin tends to redden as she approaches ovulation, and then lightens during the infertile midpoint of her menstrual cycle. The rush of blood that accompanies flirtation also reddens the face, neck, and upper chest, reinforcing the link between redness and sexual receptiveness… men also blush red when they’re sexually excited."

Like women, red also makes men more appealing to potential mates. Male or female, put some red on that profile picture of yours... red borders, red T-shirt, red lipstick... Dude! The lipstick is for the ladies. ;-)

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  1.   CC19902407 says:
    Posted: 24 Sep 18

    wear red

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  2.   CamilleH says:
    Posted: 28 Sep 14

    Your wish is my command! It just so happens that, just like the photo in the article, I have a picture of myself with a red big red rose in my hair. And red gloves, to boot! I have my eye on someone right now. Hopefully it works! :)

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  3.   123pink says:
    Posted: 21 Apr 13

    just want to get to know someone who can make me laugh respect me and wine and dine me

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  4.   Dknsweet1 says:
    Posted: 18 Apr 13

    Thanks I'll definetly make some changes and find something red to wear!!

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  5.   jod212 says:
    Posted: 07 Apr 13

    I have a big head's up for people, men especially...Smile, damn it!!! I can not tell you how many men have this sour-puss face head shot in their profile and are more than likely wondering why no one is contacting them. Hello, you look scary not friendly and be sure that's not sexy either. If I could talk to every man on this site every profile, I would say please stop with that. I want to see what I have to look forward to when we meet. Make me want to reach out to you.

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    • Mopsey says:
      Posted: 09 Apr 13

      You are so right! Men need to smile. Also, I'd like to add this, please lose the shades. Not cool! I'd love to see your eyes.

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      • Tip_peace says:
        Posted: 18 Aug 13

        I agree. I also please no high school pictures or the next Hulk Hogan. One more thing, take the time to post pictures.

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