He says 'I Love You' without actually saying it

Posted by Ria, 12 Sep

Your man may rarely say he loves you but he probably loves you much more than you know. You might be mad at him for not actually saying he loves you and miss all the signs that he really does love you.

We women find it easy to express our emotions and feelings with words. Yes, we have a way with words. That’s how we are wired. And because of this, we usually expect the same in return from our partners. But most men express their love non-verbally. Apparently, by the way a man kisses you, he could be telling you just how much you mean to him... how much he loves you.

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Well, Your Tango doesn’t want you to keep guessing whether he loves you or not just because he never utters the four-lettered word. So, they compiled a list of 15 subtle signs that your man is declaring his undying love for you without him saying it.

For instance, that passionate long-lasting kiss is one of them. And I am sure when he does this you too can feel his passion and love. “It’s clear that he’s more than just a little excited to be around you”. And I know you LOVE it. And if he smiles after he kisses you, that’s another way.

Apparently, you can tell how much he loves you from the way his friends treat you. If all his friends warm up to you and enjoy your company, it’s because they know their friend is happy in the relationship. So it basically means they find you as awesome as he does.

When your man listens to you intently even without saying much, leans closer and nods when you say something emotional, then it shows just how much your words mean to him.

Apparently even his posture is speaking to you. Much as most people have poor posture, “if you’re trying to impress the person you care about most and want him or her to be most attracted to you, you’re going to stand or sit straight up.”

Sometimes it’s something as simple as the occasional hand squeeze when he is holding your hand or he ruffles his hair when he can’t find the words… this could be because he is nervous about saying something romantic. And when he calls or texts for no reason at all that’s another sign… he is thinking about you.

Here are more signs he LOVES YOU.

So what do you prefer ladies? Him telling you out loud that he loves you or you are good with looking for these little signs?

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