Interracial dating between continents

Posted by Ria, 21 Dec

Hey y'all! Recently while surfing the web I fell on this piece of text:

"Would you consider a guy from the UK dating an American girl interracial dating? Would someone who IS racist classify this as "wrong", like a Hispanic and a Caucasian dating? ---My parents are super-racist, and I want to know what they'll think of my Scottish boyfriend...."

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A classic example of how people can live in fear their family will go nuts over them bringing something DIFFERENT in their house. What on earth is wrong with these kind of people, what's the mechanism that makes them think like that?

I understand if you don’t like someone because he yells allot or farts on the table :P but not like him because he is white ,black ,Indian, Hispanic or whatever else, is like not liking them because they are left handed instead of right handed.

They say that globalization brings people and cultures closer, but what good does it makes if I can order Kenyan sandals online and have them delivered to me via FedEx or UPS next morning if I am to be afraid of hanging out with my Kenyan boyfriend because my parents will freak out?

I mean c’mon, focus on the things that matter will you?

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  1. Posted: 18 Aug 09

    oh well

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  2.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 10 Jun 09

    There is no way to know how the mind of a bigot works. Since prejudice against an individual because they belong to a particular larger group or groups is irrational, we can hardly expect it to follow a rational pattern. It used to be that a sure sign of a bigot was when they said, "Hey, don't get me wrong. Some of my best friends are..." Fear, ignorance and closed-mindedness know no sanity. Fortunately, the lunatics are less and less in charge of the asylum.

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  3.   2ute4u says:
    Posted: 13 Mar 08

    I hea a friend said that he prefes to date someone purposely from somewhere else becuz the benefit is so much better- he does not have to deal with bickering inlaws and all the drama that goes w/that. Hey,why should borders keep you away from someone you might end up w/ as a life partner, besides,their world view can be so refreshing and not cliche I find. it challenges me out of my comfort zone,yea, i like it. It's an excuse for me to travel and I do enjoy travelling, go on, I dare you. If you meet and you have no chemistry you can say at least you know,no harm done.

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  4.   BrwnBeauty says:
    Posted: 02 Feb 07

    Distance, means nothing...unless the couple involved lets it mean something. People move so fast these days, not taking the time to get to know someone...rushing head first into...mmmmm what!?!?!? Why do people think rushing, makes it right. Let the ocean seperate may find, it makes what you grow together mean that much more. My Brwncents

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  5.   knina says:
    Posted: 27 Dec 06

    I definately would date a man from any race. Am lucky I aint the writer.. My parents aren't racist like most indians. We marry "Our Own" as most of us would put it. Am glad that my parents travelled a lot when I was growing up and my parents didnt object when I brought home a black boyfriend. So those of us who still live in the age and era of racial segregation and discrimination should try and understand the concept of globalization. This is one world... we all ought to live as one.

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  6.   qween says:
    Posted: 26 Dec 06

    Well this is something I have never been able to understand myself. And why is it that the word racist more often than not is associated with interracial dating? Sometimes I see people getting along with people of other races when it comes to work and all... some even have best friends. But when that friend decides to marry ones sister, it becomes a problem. Its like it suddenly hits them that the friend is from a different race. What changes people? The person is still the same.. duh!!!

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