Relationship compromises: Monday night football vs. what she wants to watch

Posted by Ria, 08 May

Compromise is an essential element of any healthy relationship. The ability to meet in the middle and reach an agreement you both are happy with goes a long way on the path to romantic bliss. It's like haggling prices with street vendors - except it's your happiness that depends on finding a good middle ground.

But when it comes to sports, you might feel like there's no wiggle room. She watches baseball with you almost every night and everyone's happy, right? Perhaps she really does love sports, or maybe she's just playing along to be nice. While all may seem well, you've got to figure out if she is actually a sports fan or not, because if she doesn't really like sports, before too long, there's going to be an argument.

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If you've found yourself a non-sports fan as a mate, you will have to split your time to maintain a healthy relationship. There are creative ways sports fans can reach an agreement with their non-sports fan significant other to avoid anyone becoming a sports widow.

Split TV Time

Watching sports can go quickly from hobby to obsession. Your beloved baseball team plays 162 games during the season. If you're watching, listening, streaming or following the pitch count online, your non-baseball loving girl doesn't get you for almost half a year. And then football starts. Something's got to give for the sake of balance.

Compromise with your lady and split TV time. When you are hanging out together, limit the number of games you watch. Allow her to choose her show another night: Tuesday night: baseball, Wednesday night: American Idol (suffer through with a smile on your face). To claim football Sundays, you may have to sit through the entire season of Scandal on Thursday nights. But hey, you might actually enjoy it.

When you do watch sports together, teach her a few things about the game. Some people don't think they like sports simply because they don't understand the intricacies of the game.

Play Together

Get your girl into the game by having a Saturday at the park. Put together a flag football league and include her on your team. Or join an evening co-ed softball league together. These types of personal experiences can get her pumped about a sport because she is actively participating in it. She's learning the ropes and meeting other people who enjoy it. This can help make sports enticing to your girlfriend.

Go to Games

Whether she loves hockey or not, going to a game is a fun and unique experience. Date night can begin with a nice dinner and end with you both screaming at the player who started the fight. Get tickets front and center for the first game you take her to so she can get the full experience - on the glass. You never know, she might just beg you to take her to more games so she can wear her newly purchased jersey.

Compromise and go to the Broadway musical she's been dying to see when it comes to town. You might just end up begging her to take you to more musicals! But really...

You will never see eye to eye with your partner on everything. And it's best not to fight that concept, but embrace it. Open up to each other and be honest with you feelings. Communication is the key to compromise.

Can you do that for her?

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