Slapstick Makes Them Laugh

Posted by Leticia, 25 Aug

We didn’t get a chance to talk to Veronica, but Timothy was nice enough to answer our questions about their relationship. Going back to the beginning, what was Timothy’s reason for venturing online to find love? “Your site was my first experience,” he reveals. “Getting to know each other in a safe environment” was the big draw, says Timothy. And of course he was interested in dating outside his race.

Posting a profile with the username “TTINdy,” Timothy felt “confident” about his chances of meeting someone whom he could settle down with. Indeed, in just four months he stumbled across the profile of “Verashixx” (Veronica) on our site. She was “very similar” to the type he had in mind when imagining his future life partner.

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“I reached out to Veronica by site messaging,” Timothy recalls. What really drew him in was the fact that the same things made them laugh. As he puts it, “Slapstick all the way!” Timothy adds that “her love of humor” sparked his interest as much as anything – even her pix!

As their communication grew more frequent it became clear to Timothy that he was ready to meet this gal in real life. He tells us that “the way she respected me” made him feel comfortable with the decision to purchase a plane ticket and visit Veronica in her home country. In both their minds the relationship had definitely progressed to that point.

And so their first date began at “Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi, Kenya,” recalls Timothy. The first thought to run through his mind, seeing Veronica standing beside him, was, “This woman is the most beautiful in the world!” He was surprised at “how easy it was to talk to her” and notes that her “gentle personality” didn’t fully translate until meeting in real life.

After this visit both singles were certain they should see each other again. But that’s not all. “Upon arriving in Nairobi I proposed to Veronica the moment we made eye contact,” declares Timothy. So technically his proposal preceded their actual date!

Fortunately, nothing about Timothy’s visit changed anyone’s minds. Of course, he does view “the distance between America and Kenya” as a legitimate obstacle to their being together, at least at first. Nonetheless, asked when he knew this relationship could be special his answer is, “When Veronica told me she was from Kenya... It was just the way she said it.”

Now of course Timothy believes the trouble of travel has all been worth it. His relationship with Veronica has had many positive effects. “I’m a better Christian man [now],” he observes.

Here are Timothy’s words of advice to those of us who don’t have a soulmate in tow just yet. “Take your time and focus on the conversation,” he recommends. “The more questions, the better!”

That’s especially true when communicating with someone from another country. You’ll want to really get to know them before you invest in an in-person meeting! And, as always, be safe.

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  1.   M04654 says:
    Posted: 26 May

    I wish you all the best even me my soul mate is on the way,let's keep the faith

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  2.   berane86 says:
    Posted: 25 Nov 20

    Wish you the best.Gods timing the best

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  3.   Ness234419 says:
    Posted: 18 Nov 20

    Congrats my black sis Hope I find my white prince charming

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  4.   Territer says:
    Posted: 17 Nov 20

    Why I never find someone?

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  5.   Jan34567 says:
    Posted: 05 Oct 20

    May God bless me l like white men but I no God was me

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  6. Posted: 07 Sep 20

    Someday too meet here site my someone

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  7.   YnY2 says:
    Posted: 02 Sep 20

    Where is my handsome white man)

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  8.   JSTRIP says:
    Posted: 30 Aug 20

    Black Women prefer White Men. Everyone must accept that

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  9.   Chonsolater says:
    Posted: 26 Aug 20

    I wish u the best

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