Sometimes you just gotta ditch the dating rules

Posted by Ria, 11 Sep

My colleagues and I here have constantly been hammering the dos and donts of online dating and dating in general. And I believe that there are numerous dating rules books and articles that you have come across and read in a bid to up your dating game and chances of love. Then you probably have your own set of rules. Question is: How is that working out for you? If the rules aren’t getting you anywhere, may be its time you try toss all these rules and boundaries and try this new formula: NO FORMULA: In other words, just move with the tide.

You like what you see… you like what you read. So why the hesitation? Just say Hi and stop with the: lemme wait for him to make the first move. It’s the 21st century for crying out loud… you making the first move wont make the roof cave in. Enough with the traditional rule that a man needs to make the first move… If anything, just as women get flattered being asked out, so DO men.

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The thing with setting dating boundaries is: They lock a lot of potential mates out. Sometimes, it pays to step out of them a bit. Lets look at this practically: You have gone to the store to buy your favorite icecream and it aint there. And you are forced to try a different flavor which you have never considered only find that its now your favorite. There is a woman’s success story: All she did was change the age filter on her dating profile and she met the right man. The thing is: that much older or much younger person who isn’t within the age bracket you want for your potential mate probably possesses all the other qualities you are looking for. And if you are attracted to him, try following that tide… who knows?

Sometimes, we limit ourselves by pretending to be the person we think the other person wants us to be. I know that just being me has worked more times than pretending to be what people expect of me. Ditch the mind games. Be you. And you will find a person who you are searching for… a person who wants you just the way you are. Aren’t we all looking for that person?

Yes the past shapes our future. Yes we need to be cautious. But does it mean we should drag those hang ups of our previous relationships into the new ones you are trying to form? Sometimes, these same hangups could be the ones blinding you from landing potential mates who have great qualities.

SCREW the dating rules - let go, have fun, let people see the real you and all the best with that fresh start.

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  1.   Happify says:
    Posted: 06 Feb 14

    Love this BECAUSE men still want to be the prusuer. THEY will sleep with the thirsty women who contact them BUT they do not desire a wife who is running around hitting on men or giving off that impression. It is the same as if you are standing in a bar.... running around flirting with every man there YOU LOOK thirsty.... A quality men do not desire in their mates.

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  2.   Shadowind says:
    Posted: 25 Sep 13

    Amen be open to something new!

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