Speed Dating redefined

Posted by Ria, 18 Nov

Last Saturday I went to a speed interracial-dating marathon (150 women+150 men) and I was talking about that experience last night to a group of friends over the third snapshot of JB.

- So you walk into the bar where the thing is taking place, you pay $40 bucks, all women sit on a table next to each other, the men approach us then and we talk. Based on the outcome of that brief discussion, and if they liked each other, they note the number each one wears on hers/his lapel and they forward the list to the venue manager, which then runs a comparison of whom like whom and brings the people in touch.

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One of the people of my group, Iliac, is from Bulgaria and he enthusiastically comment on my description by saying this:

-Ah in Bulgaria we have that game as well but its a bit different. You don’t write on papers or anything, you just walk into the bar, the women sit next to each other, you choose the one you want, you give her $40 dollars and you can have her for all night!




Um... Cheeeeeeeeeeck please? :P

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