Why Redheads are the best

Posted by Ria, 29 Oct

There are people who will swear that redheads are the best. Some even refer to them as real-life unicorns. Are they really? It's no wonder quite a number of women usually dye their hair into a rich red. And you know what, they love every minute of the attention that they get. So why all that attention? Can people come up with actual reasons to back the statement that redheads are the real deal?

Well, here are some of the reasons why you need to consider going 'ginger'. Read on...

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Why choose a redhead?

Some time back, redheads were not considered to be on the competing plane when it comes to the "who is better" question. It always used to be a contest between the blondes and the brunettes. Well, it seems like that argument has officially been settled. And guess who won the day, apparently scientifically? That redhead that has been ignored for quite a while turned out to have the upper hand in this debate.

You don't believe it? Well, let's take a look at some of the facts that support the facts that will begin to show you why redheads are better than blondes and brunettes... and why you should probably consider turning into a 'fake' one lol...

They have genetic superpowers

The genetics surrounding the redheads are some of the main reasons why people regard them as the "unicorns of the human world". One of the facts that has made them garner that title is because they are rare - 2 percent of the population. Besides that, they are different in so many ways scientifically. Besides being rare, let's talk about some of these generic superpowers they possess and other amazing facts that keep emerging about redheads.

They produce their own Vitamin D

If you are a redhead, then you have heard the joke that redheads could burn even under a shade. Nothing negative about the joke. Apparently, the concentration of red hair and pale skin made redheads, especially from the European countries adapt to the cloudy weather conditions and gained a greater ability to create their own vitamin D. Redheads are the best because they do not need to go outside to get that vitamin D. They create it.

So the reason why redheads are better than blondes is that they have the ability to fight things like Ricketts better. When they go outside, they absorb it even faster. And because low vitamin D leads to illnesses like diabetes, asthma, or arthritis, redheads are less likely to develop them. What an evolutionary advantage!

They are a tough breed

After mentioning that they have genetic superpowers, this shouldn't come as a surprise. Apparently, their tolerance to pain levels is higher by up to 25 percent than that of other hair colors. The way they react to and handle pain is totally different. They even feel less pain when pricked. Spicy food, bring it on. According to some studies, it required 20% more general anesthesia to put the ginger under during surgery. If they are harder to sedate, I wonder how many gallons of alcohol they can down ;-)

This could be the reason why redheads are adventurous, in bed that is. They are more likely to be into BDSM.

They age gracefully

Look at Scarlett Johansson. How about Prince Harry. What makes them so ageless... They still look like they did when they were in their 20's right? One thing they have in common is their red hair. Redheads have a gene called the gene MC1R gene, which is responsible for their ginger hair. That said, the same gene has a variant that keeps some of these redheads looking much younger than others. According to studies, redheads usually look like they have shed 2 years off their skins.

Besides the skin appearing two years younger, the level of pigmentation in their hair also works to their favor. Red hair tends to retain its color for longer than all other shades of hair. So their hair doesn't drastically go grey. It will often fade to a blonde before graying.

Apparently, most people think they are funnier

So I am just going to put it as a question for you to think about. When you think of circus clowns, which color usually comes to mind? Yap a brightly red-colored wig and a pale face. All this depiction of clowns as redheads began in the 19th century. Well, the idea behind the brightness of the wig was not about them looking funny. It was so that people at the back could see them. So red became the color of choice.

That idea of the red-haired clown became embedded into people so much so that even today, people associate the red hair of redheads with clowns. So when one meets a redhead, they automatically assume that they are funny as hell. That could be another reason why people are so smitten by them.

They are more sensitive to changes in temperatures

Redheads feel the changes in temperature more rapidly than other people with different hair colors. This is because of the redhead gene, MC1R. It usually makes the temperature-detecting gene in humans to become overreactive. This is what makes redheads more sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. So if a redhead says they are chilly when you are leaving the house, better go grab that snowsuit because it means it's going to be bloody cold. Their sense of temperature is very accurate.

So why choose a redhead? Well, you are just about to find out why next...

They have more, better sex

Well, one of the things about redheads that emerged recently is that redheads are the best at sex. Besides being great at it, they are also having more of it. Now, this isn't just some hearsay stuff. There is some scientific stuff to back this. Actually, the 'having more sex' bit is scientific. Plus they are better at it, thanks to their genetic makeup and physical characteristics.

Let's get down to it. There is this gene, the MC1R gene which is directly linked to their e distinct hair color. One thing you probably didn't know is that this same gene makes a person more sensitive to touch than someone  (men and women alike) with other hair colors. They have the susceptibility to feeling hot and cool temperatures faster. What this increased sensitivity means is that gingers reach orgasms easier and faster during sex. It's probably why redheads are adventurous and have more sex because they get lots of pleasure out of it.

Then there is the higher pain threshold. If you are looking for some kink in your sex life, a redhead will do it for you. Since they have a higher pain threshold, they are more likely to be a better BDSM partner.

The other thing that makes them such sensual beings is the fact that they emit a particularly distinct, alluring aroma that is earthy and sensual. This scent, caused by pheromones, makes them magnetic to some people. Redheads actually smell sexy...

Now that you know why the popularity of redheads is on the rise and why redheads are the best at sex read more love and sex articles on Love is All Colors.

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