Wow him these holidays with gifts he wont pretend to love!

Posted by Ria, 16 Dec

gifts men loveLadies, its that time of the year again when you have to rack your brain wondering what to get him these holidays… seeing as he started sleeping in the shirt you got him last year because apparently, even after all the excitement you saw in his face, he never liked it in  the first place; and remember that watch you got him that he only “wears” when you are not around?

Well, this year, Lindsey Unterberger of decided to save us all the trouble of buying those gifts he never loves, by giving us girls a list of gifts you can give your man that he really wants; that he wont have to pretend to love! To be honest, you gotta love Lindsey's list. And hey, it will cost you NO DIME! Check it out:

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1. To never be forced to watch The Hills (or any reality-TV show) again

2. Oral sex (that you actually enjoy giving)

3. For you to make him nachos when his favorite team is playing—and then leave the house

4. For you to stop referring to Justin Timberlake as your husband

5. To try a Kama Sutra position of his choice

6. To play his Xbox as much as he wants (without any mocking from you)

7. For you to stop dropping hints about marriage, kids…the future

8. A guys’ night out, no questions asked

9. For you to never ask him if you look fat in that again

10. You, wearing only a Santa hat

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