You don't need to explain your mixed race child to strangers

Posted by Ria, 27 Nov

mixed race child“Where did you get your daughter?”

He is Caucasian. His wife is Chinese. But whenever he goes out with his daughter (and the wife isn’t around), people bombard him with the above question. To which he jokingly answers: “In the usual way”.

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Why would a total stranger ask someone "Where" he got his daughter? I mean really? I am guessing "Where" because they are already thinking "adopted from some Asian country".

The thing that ticks me off the most is how people are usually all up in other people’s business when there is something 'interracial' about a family. "Are you the nanny?" So what if I am? It’s like people have no clue about interracial dating, interracial marriage and mixed race kids. Is it really ignorance or just playing dumb?

The father above wonders what the right response is for that question. I don’t think there is a right response – especially for someone who already has a preconceived explanation about your family. Adopted, sitter, father, mother... what business is it of theirs? They are strangers. Who cares where the baby came from? Imagine the impact such questions have on those kids.

Shame! Shame! Shame! Its really non of your business where the kid 'came' from.

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  1. Posted: 06 Dec 13

    My older daughter (10yo), her mother is Haitian, and my younger daughter (3 mos), her mother is Dominican/Trinidadian. I have no intention or interest of educating "randoms" on interracial dating, interracial children, etc... let them think what they want. Being someone who ONLY dates Black and Hispanic women, there has always been some level of public scrutiny, but with kids, I agree that it is often taken to another level. When I'm asked: "Is that your daughter?", I reply with: "Whose daughter do you think it is?" and keep it moving. As more mixed race children are saturated into the schools and communities, hopefully, the novelty will fade. My real concern is how my oldest daughter is treated by her White and Black classmates... since her tan complexion does not truly fit in with either... and seems to cause her some social discomfort. Well, that's another story!

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    • sexyjlove44 says:
      Posted: 22 Sep 14

      Hi my name is Jennifer Dickens it doesn't matter what color ur kids are just as they are love by u and how every is in your nd there life

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