Mixed Marriages

Lydia & Samson -
Alabama, United States

Married September 2012

Mixed Marriages - Much More than a Cure for Boredom | AfroRomance - Lydia & Samson Mixed Marriages - Much More than a Cure for Boredom | AfroRomance - Lydia & Samson Mixed Marriages - Much More than a Cure for Boredom | AfroRomance - Lydia & Samson

Much More than a Cure for Boredom

Lydia lived in Moscow and Samson in Georgia. But the gulf of miles could not swallow up these singles’ will to be with someone special, regardless of the logistics. And so, ultimately, they would sign up with us and meet on our site.

Before that, however, Lydia and Samson waited on love for quite awhile. What frustrated Lydia was the shallow and superficial men she had been meeting previously. “Some men concentrate more on your looks, rather than the complete person,” she opines. Feeling thoroughly “tired of being alone,” Lydia chose to give our service a whirl. Still, going in she was “not confident at all.”

Samson says he’d been hurt “several times” and thought he might find solace in an online forum. “I realized going on a dating site might help,” he tells us. His thought process was straight forward and his expectations low. “At least in boring times, I can use it with someone out there who is bored like me,” he remembers thinking. Our site was his third experience with online dating.

Samson was skeptical of Internet personals, though. “To be honest, I didn’t believe I would find love here, because there are many scammers on some dating sites. I was not confident at all!”

Despite all their doubts and misgivings, it wasn’t long before these two would connect. For Samson, it took two months and Lydia three before their memberships paid off—big time! Stumbling across Lydia’s profile, Samson felt certain he was onto something. “When I saw her photos, she was absolutely beautiful,” he remembers. Lydia’s profile told him that she was “smart, religious, easy-going and sexy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I said to myself, ‘Hmm, I think I’ve found her!’”

Samson’s suspicions about meeting strangers online rubbed Lydia the wrong way, at first. “He reached out to me by instant message, and at first he thought I was fake,” laughs Lydia. “We started first with arguments and then things cooled down, and he proposed that we talk on Skype.”

Lydia says that Samson’s profile did a great job of representing him in an accurate and appealing manner. She explains, “Samson was handsome, intelligent, spiritually grounded and a very gentle man. He was definitely what I was looking for.”

Asked what made her decide she was ready for a date with Samson, Lydia’s response was brief, direct and telling. “Because he is all I have been waiting for,” she says, simply. Samson’s answer is equally decisive. “Because she is absolutely my dream,” he declares.

“At the airport in Moscow, when I saw him, I was like ‘wow!’” Lydia recalls. Notes Samson, “I could not say a word, as I was very happy. She is sexier in real life than in her pictures on her profile.”

Once Samson regained the power of speech, Lydia knew she was dealing with an especially thoughtful man. “He is very intelligent,” she says. “What surprised me most was that we talked as if we had been together for years. Oh my God, it was so wonderful! He is so loving and caring.”

Some time later, the couple realized there was no reason to dilly-dally. All their questions had been answered, so they might as well take the plunge! “He proposed to me in the park, and it was wonderful,” Lydia explains. “I could not resist it. I burst into tears and could not hide my joy.”

Since becoming a married man, Samson has seen a difference in the way his family treats him. He feels more respected now. Lydia has also enjoyed the benefits of married life. “Since we’ve been married, my life has changed dramatically,” she says. “It is good to be married!”

We asked the happy couple if they had any words of encouragement for singles still in the wilds of solitary life, sans partner. Here’s what Lydia had to say. “Be patient and always honest. Always expect honesty and patience in return. Get to know the whole person. Never be judgmental!”

“Keep on trying,” urges Samson. “I’m sure you will find your soulmate out there. Don’t bother about the distance or the person’s race, as long as you both love each other truly. Love overcomes all things.”

Indeed, love conquers all — even the doubts of two wary singles on opposite sides of the globe!

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