3 Valentine's Day Gifts Based on Romantic Memories

Posted by Ria, 21 Jan

valentines day gifts

Anyone can make dinner reservations, buy a box of chocolates or pick up a dozen roses for Valentine's Day, but what does that say about their devotion to their loved ones? Buying the same old gift for the special woman in your life tells her you remembered the day, but not the reasons she's so special to you. Spend a little time coming up with a personalized gift for the woman in your life. She'll be delighted with the time and thought you put into your celebration, and you'll show her how much you truly care.

Video Card

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You've taken pictures of yourselves and each other since the day you got together, and they're probably spread all over multiple photo sharing sites and digital albums. Why not create a slideshow short movie of your relationship, as told through your pictures? Find a free slideshow maker program online and download it onto your computer. Follow the directions to add photos, video clips and background music to turn this media into a loving tribute to your relationship. Upload it to a website, send it in an email, or burn it on a disc to wrap as a gift. The cost is mostly a couple of hours of your time, but the results will surprise you when you surprise her with such a thoughtful gift.

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First Date With a Twist

Your first date may have been a disaster or a magical time, but either way, every first date could use some improving. Give her that new and improved first date experience by recreating yours — with a twist. Take a limo to the ball game instead of your old Honda. Watch a copy of that first movie together at home while eating gourmet take-out instead of popcorn and licorice. Talk to the owner of that tiny restaurant and see if he'll make a special romantic dinner for the two of you, even if it's a local diner. Imagine that first date as it would have been pictured in a romantic movie, and make that vision happen.

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Greatest Hits Tour

Map out a route around town, highlighting places where significant things happened in your relationship. Find the spot from your first date, your first kiss, the place where you first confessed your love and that time you broke a toe and had to be helped to the hospital. Touch on all the important memories, good and bad, that make up your history and your relationship. Make up a map for these spots and hire a limo to take your lady on a whirlwind Hollywood-type tour of the town. Find elegant chocolate covered strawberries at FTD.com and offer a tray of them during the ride. Open a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine and pour it into crystal flutes. Treat her like the star she truly is while you move throughout your memories together viewing your favorite memorable places. End the ride with a romantic picnic in the park or simply cruise through the night, enjoying the stars.

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