5 manly traits that appeal to women

Posted by Ria, 21 May

Whether you're newly single or looking to rekindle a bit of romance in your relationship, consider picking up one or more of these manly skills and hobbies. Better yourself to quickly bolster your image with the ladies.

Fitness First

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Make an effort to take care of your body. Whether you need to shed a few pesky pounds or revamp your current exercise and eating habits, this care lets women know that you take pride in yourself. Fitness can also indicate that you live life to the fullest and are up for any adventure. Plus, the extra muscles won't hurt either.

Tech Savvy

Something as simple as knowing how to hook up a router and Wi-Fi network, television and game system, or get the virus off her computer can go a long way to show you possess a level of technological know-how. Women all have varying degrees of tech skills, but when things go beyond their individual realm of know-how, it's nice to know someone else can pick up the slack.

Know Your Way Around a Car

There are a number of women who don't know how to perform basic car maintenance like changing a flat tire. Not only did they never learn, but the strength and know-how that is needed to do so properly can be intimidating - especially in a time of urgency. You don't need to be a motor-head to impress: Learn how to perform a few simple, basic tasks such as changing a tire, checking and changing the oil, and replacing windshield wipers to get started. If you're unsure of tire pressure, load indexes and other nuts-and-bolts aspects of car care, check out TireBuyer.com for educational articles on a wide range of automotive topics.

The Household Handyman

We're not all manual laborers by day, but a willingness to work is greatly appreciated in any household. From mowing the lawn and clearing clogged drains to replacing light bulbs and unjamming a window, your skill set doesn't have to keep you in the tool shed all week long. By completing these less than savory tasks (often called honey-dos) you're giving a clear sign that you're willing to participate in keeping a home running. It may seem silly, but if you perform simple household chores that she can't or, more than likely, doesn't want to do, it lets her know that she can count on you in other aspects of life as well.

Become an Outdoorsman

Whether you want to learn simple survival skills, enjoy running, cycling or hiking, there are tons of activities that will demonstrate your ability to hold your own in nature. Plus, there's nothing sexier than a man that pursues his own hobbies and passions.

What's the number-one thing that will impress every woman? Be a thoughtful and considerate person, above all else. If you can manage that, and add in a few of these skills every now and then you'll appeal to women everywhere, and know how to keep them happy once you have them.

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