5 Signs You Might Be Falling In Love

Posted by Ria, 08 Dec

New couples go on two dates per week on average, and say "I love you" after seven weeks, reports a Daily Mail survey of 100,000 British dating site users. On average, couples had sex for the first time after the fourth date. But the Baltimore Dating Examiner concluded that new relationships based on sex and physical attraction end much faster than those based on building a nurturing partnership.

There is really no scientific answer as to when a couple is officially "in love." Couples who are browsing for engagement rings at Macy's after a month of dating may be moving too fast, while those having sex three times a day for the first month may just be...fast. But here are five surefire signs that you are definitely falling in love:

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Brushing Each Others Hair

There is one week every black man with a short hairdo knows he's looking good, and that's right after he gets that fresh fade. The vain (or confident) man will brush his hair whenever possible during that time. Meanwhile, a white woman with long locks brushes her hair for several minutes every time she steps out of the shower. The day the two of you unconsciously start brushing each other's hair means picket fences and children are probably arriving in the near future.

Hot Sauce and Mayonnaise

Let's face it: there aren't many black folks out there that douse their sandwiches or french fries with mayonnaise, and few white folks have bottles of Frank's Red Hot sauce in their fridge. Of course the man is going to pay for the pizza on the first sleep-over night at her house after date number 6 or 7. When you turn around and see her with plates in one hand and a bottle of hot sauce in the other, she's probably a keeper. Likewise, when you can give her a choice between Miracle Whip and Hellman's at your place for afternoon sandwiches, her pupils will turn into hearts.

Skype Syndrome

We all remember those days as teenagers when we dated a cutey we never thought we could land. All telephones calls, despite the fact some lasted three hours or more, would end with "you hang up first...no, you hang up first..." Skype and adulthood have taken this phenomenon to a new level. If the two of you are on Skype from the time you get home from work until bedtime — even if you're not necessarily sitting in front of the camera — you lovebirds need to build a nest together.

Power To The People

American history, to put it mildly, has not been kind to black folks. The only thing white people learn in public schools about black history is slavery and Martin Luther King, Jr. If you arrive at her house for movie night, and she has a bookmarked copy of The Confessions of Nat Turner or American Uprising on her coffee table, you may have to carefully pull Cupid's love arrow out of her. When you're finished, buy that woman a dozen roses, just because.

Get A Room

Al Gore's not-so-subtle kiss on his now estranged wife Tipper after accepting the Vice Presidential nomination in 2000 was described by Time magazine as a "can't-wait-to-get-back-to-the-hotel-room type of kiss." The public generally agrees that there is a time and place for displays of affection (behind closed doors). But when it gets to the point that gazing into each other's eyes causes reflexive kissing or more, regardless of venue, it may be time to pronounce you man and wife.

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