9 Pros of Interracial Marriage

Posted by Ria, 23 Feb

Being with someone who happens to come from a culture that is totally different from your own can present its own challenges… from family’s reluctance to accept the relationship, to the queer stares and comments from the public. However, that aside, if you work in unity as a couple and embark on the lovely journey of learning and understanding the other person’s culture, it can be interesting and mind-blowing.

As Alexandra Madhavan, a Canadian woman married to a Hindu man from South India has come to realize about intercultural relationships is that much as they present their difficulties, “… the benefits far out-weigh the bad.”

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Well here are some of those benefits she is talking about…

1. You can live in two countries

Being married to an Indian man, Alexandra and her husband have the choice to live in Canada and India. And this has opened a world of possibilities for them.

2. Life is a party

There is always a reason to celebrate. There is a unique blend of holidays to choose from. Being Christian and her husband Hindu, Alexandra’s life is one big party... Christmas, Diwali, Easter, Tamil, New Years, Dussehra…. The list goes on. “…its basically party central – all year round!”

The pair are incorporating festivals from both cultures into their lives.

3. Food

Dinner will never be boring because there is always something new from the other culture to tease your palette with. Being Hindu, Alexandra’s husband is vegetarian. And this has introduced her to South Indian Vegetarian cuisine, which is different and amazing!

There is also the learning of how to prepare these meals at home and blowing your friends and family members away who have never had the chance to sample these cuisines.

And the best bit is experimenting with a fusion of both cuisines… making the food you are used to more interesting and fresh! And today, Alexandra loves eating with her hands and on a banana leaf (apparently, eating some Indian cuisine with a fork just doesn’t do the meal justice).

4. Lots of travel.

If your spouse comes from a different country, then you will always be planning the next trip. Imagine the stop-overs if there are no direct flights to the other country. Imagine the new places and scenery you get to explore in the other country…

5. Perfectly blended children.

Mixed is universal. The children can fit anywhere because they are neither this or that. That unique blending makes them fit perfectly well in a world where people from different cultures have to co-exists. They learn the art of blending in at a very early age.

6. You don’t have to sign up for a class to learn a second language.

Your spouse is the language teacher. You pick words and phrases here and there when they are speaking with their family members. And the plus is that you get to practice what you have learned. And your kids will most certainly be bi-lingual or tri-lingual.

7. Open-mindedness

Having a spouse from a different culture opens your world and mind to endless possibilities. Everyday is a learning experience… especially if you are open and willing to learn. Plus how can you avoid this anyway when living with someone who has always done things differently? Isn’t it amazing learning how other people do their things and maybe apply the interesting ones yourself? Makes your everyday life diverse.

8. Sharing the diversity with your friends and family.

When your life is opened up to endless possibilities, it also rubs off on the people around you… family, friends and your community at large. You get to share your travel escapades, they get to be around when celebrating your better half’s festivals, plus, they also get to sample out their different mouthwatering cuisine.

This also assists in breaking stereotypes. Alexandra says, “Many people in my husband’s family thought Western women couldn’t cook and have no family values, which has been completely squashed, thanks to me! .By introducing our friends and family to other ways of life, they will subsequently learn from us and carry our stories with them to teach others. Intercultural relationships can and will change the world.”

9. You become model couples

Imagine living with someone who is different from you… and being able to look beyond these differences for love. Now that is something. I am very sure most people admire interracial couples because of this.

Much as there maybe a few rude remarks and stares here and there, there is also lots of praise and admiration. Plus being relatively fewer, interracial couples are a statistic… they are a part of the history of defying all odds.


In conclusion, Alexandra says:

“While being in an intercultural relationship is not easy, it’s the experience of a lifetime. I feel fortunate to be in an intercultural marriage and have the chance to live between two cultures and celebrate them both. It is an amazing opportunity filled with personal growth. Growing up, I never expected my life to look like this, but I wouldn’t change a thing!”

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