A look at fascinating interracial marriages in history

Posted by Ria, 26 Jan

interracial marriages in historyWe have come a long way when it comes to attitudes towards interracial marriages. So much has changed in 43 years. As history has it, it wasn’t always like this. Many interracial couples have had to endure pain and suffering (not just emotional but also physical) for the world to be as it is today. Even with all this acceptance toward interracial marriages the black-white combo still churns some stomachs.

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On the website ListVerse.com, Paul Holtum gives us a list of “10 Fascinating Interracial Marriages in History”. He takes us way back to 1884… giving us brief and interesting stories of these interracial couples . And Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter (pictured right) had to top the list for their contribution towards having the ban on interracial marriage in Virginia lifted.

Much as interracial marriages can be a union between any 2 people of different races, Holtum’s list only focuses on black-white interracial marriages. But we still cannot deny the impact the listed couples had in shaping our views and attitudes towards interracial dating and marriage. Plus, their stories are amazing … packed with some interesting facts about the listed couples.

So as you go through these interracial marriage success stories, lets all raise our glasses to these couples (for hanging in there and proving to us that interracial unions can actually work) and to the many more success stories yet to come.

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  1.   misspixyee says:
    Posted: 14 Feb 11

    This type of love too real courage and strength! This site should celebrate June 12, Loving Day cause if it were not for this couple this site would not be legal!

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