All about Race? Think again…

Posted by Ria, 09 Feb

I was reading some website and my eyes couldn’t help wandering to this particular headline...

From dating an Asian man to living with him: Parents still don't know; I'm a white woman in my 40s. His parents don't approve of me. Am I just insecure?

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It goes on...

“Betrayal Week is over! I woke up this morning and just couldn't do it one more day. It was messing with my head.

Sorry, Betrayal Week. You had your chance.

Sorry, Reader. I got a little carried away. But enough is enough.

As I said, the genius is in the form. So back to what works: one letter, one problem, one answer.᾿

Picture this for a're living with this Chinese-American boyfriend whose parents disapprove of you for being white and (to add salt onto the injury), for being too old to have a child. Being the only child in the family, his parents have been sending him on some serious guilt trips about being involved with someone who cannot carry on the family name. The biggest issue here isn’t even about the pain they are causing the man … its all about being a victim of racism and ageism as she puts it. And that is not all… Putting yourself in her shoes, how would you have felt if your boyfriend won't tell his parents that you two are living together, and have been for eight months?

These are her sentiments...

“I'm beginning to think that they will find out the truth in some extremely awkward way that will lead to them having an even lower opinion of me, for going along with keeping this secret if not actually lying to them… I still find myself comparing myself to the "other woman" who is waiting for the wife to be told. I wonder if it will ever happen, or whether I will just continue to be a dirty little secret᾿

Well it seems parents worry about so many things nowadays and race is just one of them. I don’t mean to judge the man or anything but don’t you think this man should grow some kahoonas and face the parents? I believe this will at least make the woman feel that the man stood by what he believes in.

What's your take on this? Drop me a few comments.

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  1.   mossimo says:
    Posted: 11 Feb 07

    I feel her pain. I think she genuniely loves the guy and hopes for something more. I was in a similar situation with my Indian ex. Sometimes you just have to let go.

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  2.   fala says:
    Posted: 10 Feb 07

    She needs a back bone. It sounds like she's got self-esteem issues of her own that have nothing to do with her dating outside her race.

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