Aphrodisiac Foods You Might Not Have Known About

Posted by Ria, 30 May


When a couple wants to turn up the heat all they need is an aphrodisiac. Named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, it seems aphrodisiacs have been around for hundreds of years.

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Food and sex have been going hand in hand. There are foods such as the banana that look like genitalia. We have romantic dinners in order to connect and build emotional and sexual connections. We use our mouths to seduce each other through kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking. Therefore, your kitchen could be the easiest way to turn up that sexual appetite.

Enjoying good food can be a very sensual experience, the textures very pleasurable and the tastes alluring. Some of these foods that get juices flowing are foods that you may know about like chocolate and oysters. Well, below are some of the sexy foods that get juices flowing that you probably didn't know about.

aphrodisiac foods


This one is dubbed the Peruvian Viagra. Animal studies have proven that this sweet root vegetable has some aphrodisiac properties. This hasn't been tested much on humans though. It also increases awareness and stamina.


The phallic shape itself is just suggestive and can heighten sex passion. But besides that, it contains potassium which theoretically delivers muscle strength hence intensifies orgasms. It also has the enzyme, bromelain, which boosts the male sex drive.


This one has been nicknamed the love apple. It also looks suggestive and is very high in antioxidants which increase blood flow. Apparently, the juice is very helpful in countering erectile dysfunction in men.


Hot chilies are known to stimulate the nerve endings of the tongue. Apparently, this stimulation gives one an adrenaline rush. Chilies warm someone up and get the heart pumping. They, therefore, increase blood flow. Don't forget to wash your hands properly. There are things you don't want to touch with your spicy hands... The sting will turn the heat up in a bad way.


Much as they may look funny, the asparagus is a great source of Vitamin E which increases blood and oxygen flow. The high potassium in them is known to stimulate the production of sex hormones. But you may need more than a few stalks on your 'sex' night to speed things along.


The melon relaxes blood vessels like Viagra does. It has citrulline. This increases the amount of nitric acid which plays a great part in sexual arousal.

Feel free to try out these aphrodisiac foods and let us know if they give you gladiatorial qualities in the bedroom.

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