Are people not allowed to wonder what race one is?

Posted by Ria, 23 Sep

mixed race

"I hate being mixed race. How do I live with myself? People are always wondering what race I am and I hate it. I’ve gotten 'Are you Hawaiian?' to 'Are you German?' to many more. I hate that I have freckles when I don't even look like I should have freckles." From Yahoo answers

Most mixed race individuals get offended when people ask questions about their race. Why? I do not know. Why is the question “What race are you?” so offensive? I never care about people wondering what race I am. In fact I take pride in telling them exactly who I am. I never even understand why some mixed race individuals would rather identify with one race and discard the other like our president Obama does. May be it’s the baggage associated with being part of the race that did this or that.

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Some people have it rough out there. They have more racial hate directed to them than having freckles when they don’t look like they should. People get spat on, people get their houses torched.

There are things we can change about ourselves and race isn’t one of them. I know some people find it hard to live in their own skin. But does running away or getting mad about how you look or what people are wondering change anything?

Most of us take the question about race out of context. Most of us believe people are being racist when they put us in whatever racial group they feel we are. I believe more often than not, people ask these questions for the purpose of clarity … so that they don’t end up branding you what you are not.

So why does it hurt so bad? Why does the question about race make most mixed race individuals hate being mixed race? Is wondering that wrong or are we mixed race individuals the ones with issues?

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  1.   Cynamyn82 says:
    Posted: 05 Oct 10

    I feel sorry for those who hate being of mixed race. Those of only one race have it bad, also. I'm not biracial, but I think these children should be taught to be proud of being of two races and fully embrace who they are as individuals. Just my two cents.

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