Are women drawn to men who play hard to get?

Posted by Ria, 22 Feb 11

man playing hard to getIs playing hard-to-get the key to a woman’s heart?

Well, according to a recent Facebook study... YES! Women love it when “It’s Complicated”. And the more a man keep a woman guessing about how much he likes her [or not], the more alluring the man becomes. Here is how the study was conducted:

Researchers recruited 47 female undergraduate students at the University of Virginia, and the participants checked out four fake Facebook profiles of cute college boys (two white, one black and one Asian). The women were told that these were real guys, and that these guys had checked out and rated the women's own Facebook profiles. The study participants were told one of three things: Either the guys gave them high ratings, average ratings -- or the researchers told the volunteers that they couldn't reveal the ratings, for experiment-y purposes.

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Turns out, that last category drove the women wild. The study participants filled out a survey rating how much they liked each guy, and then were asked how much each fella had "popped into their head." The women who didn't know what the (fake) guys thought about them rated those guys the highest -- even higher than the women who knew their (fake) guys were into them.

To an extent, I think this study is true. I remember I almost turned into a stalker once. I met this guy whom I thought we hit it off pretty well. But days went by without him calling. I ended up being the one calling like twice or thrice a day. And when he gave me a second date, I felt like heavens had opened for me… HOW-EVER, there was still, no clear indication of whether he liked me that way or just wanted to play around. Luckily, after depending on all will power available to man, I managed to draw the line between being into a guy and being a stalker. Sadly, I never got the guy. But to this day, whenever I bump into him, I still get butterflies. ;-)

Much as the study was done on women though, lead author Erin Whitchurch, of the University of Virginia's psychology department believes he would get similar results from men. So does this mean everyone should put their feelings under wraps to win someone’s heart?

Witchurch feels we need to think about what we want in the long-run. “… a little discomfort on [your] end, not being quite so open about [your] intentions and creating a little uncertainty will pay off tenfold.”

But if everyone plays hard-to-get, how do two people who really want each other strike a balance? Just a thought.

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