Are you an interracial secret?

Posted by Ria, 06 Sep

You have been in an interracial relationship for a while now. Everything is going on great. If anything, you are so sure you have found the one and wouldn’t mind taking the next step.

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You have never met any of your significant other’s closest friends and family… and it’s never been a big deal since you have been told how racist they are. But since you think it’s about that time, you ask to meet them… only for you to find out that the interracial 'love of your life' has never told them of your existence… not even one person knows your name. He/she has keeping you a secret from his/her racist friends and family and is not about to tell them you exist.

What would you do? Would you understand where they are coming from or is this a deal breaker?

For those people with racist families, would you risk their wrath and possible rejection for interracial love?

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  1.   Official2 says:
    Posted: 24 Aug 15

    Complete deal breaker! I have dealt with some members of my family's limited views and opinions. I don't care what they say.... I love who I love. You will know that man exists in my life no matter what. Like it or not!

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