Attracted to a single parent? Give it a shot.

Posted by Ria, 27 Jan

Apprehensive about dating single parents because you don’t want to lump unnecessary baggage on yourself (especially if you don’t have kids of your own)? Do you not date single parents because you think the ex will always be somewhere around the corner and you don’t want any drama.

It may all seem complicated because of hang-ups based on preconceived misconceptions people have. And because of the formed opinions, chances are, if you decide to give it a go because you are so into this single mom or dad, it won’t work.

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Well, Jessica Blankenship came up with counter-arguments to show people who won’t touch a single parent even with a six foot pole, why single parents can be the best people to date and why you might be missing out on the greatest thing ever by seeing single parents as ‘tainted goods’.

  • Birth control is what she starts us off with. Single moms take birth control seriously. Apparently, they never forget to use condoms because who wants to get pregnant again and be a single mom of the ones you already got PLUS ONE (or MORE if it happens to be a multiple pregnancy)?
  • Single parents are more likely to take things slow. And this is a great thing because it gives you guys more time to get to know each other. She also things taking things slow preserves that magical chemistry you two got going. To put it in her words: "You don’t burn out on that initial magic too quickly. A combination of 'can’t get enough of each other' and 'not having infinite time to spend together' equals 'always wanting more'. Which is hot and romantic and incredibly, painfully fun." Plus I think it also gives the non-parent, the chance to weigh their feelings on whether they will be able to handle the 'new situation' and even enough time to adjust in case it progresses to something more serious.
  • Their confidence and openness makes them explosive in bed. She says, "…no matter what kind of weird bedroom stuff does it for you, the most universally sexy quality in a person is confidence and openness... There is a very specific kind of body confidence that can only be earned by seeing your body go through some seemingly impossible challenges and come out on the other side just as strong and beautiful and sexy as before. You not only appreciate and respect your body more after having a baby, but you understand how it works and what it can do." And this makes them more aware of their sexuality and less self-conscious. She adds: "There is no way, no matter the specifics of how you like to get down, that that doesn’t result in some next-level f*** times." [Someone who has dated a single parent, do confirm. Really interested in knowing if this is true so I can snug that hot super dad I have been so ignoring.] ;-)
  • Are they shopping for a new mom or dad? Apparently NO! More often than not, the child usually has a dad or mom… two parents who love them deeply. No need to panic. Most single parents aren’t looking to lump their child rearing responsibilities on you. So for now, why not focus on the two of you and what you really want to get out of the relationship. Who knows, it could end on a fling note… or maybe you two will end up being just f**k buddies. But if it so happens that later - probably much later – the two of you fall deeply in love and you change your mind and want to be a part of the kids’ lives, well and good. You two will cross that bridge then. For now all there is the two of you. Most single parents have no agenda of involving a person they just met into their children’s lives. So, exhale. No one will call you mommy or daddy just yet.

Blankenship also touches on how selfless they can be, they know what makes relationships work among other positives. Read more on Maybe once you are done with the article, you will get over your hang-ups and fears and get the guts to ask that single mom or dad you are so attracted to out on a date. ;-)

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  1.   dave_74 says:
    Posted: 02 Apr 14

    I'm a single dad, who married a single mom. However my daughter was already in her 2nd year of University while hers was in Kindergarten. Just recently we added our 3rd daughter. Sometimes it isn't always the case that both parents love and care for their children, some males are just sperm donors and run. That was the case with our 8 yr old. Her biological father never seen her , nor ever made an effort to, nor made any attempt to support his child in any slightest way. Good thing for me is that there is a 7 year rule which speculates that if you don't give a shit about your offspring and this goes on for 7 years, then you give up any remaining parental rights and a real man can step in and legally accept. Now I didn't expect her to ever call me dad, I am her mothers husband and I am here to love, care , support and stay and do everything a loving husband/ father would do for his family. After 2 years she on her own now calls me dad, of which I never expected nor required, but I am proud of it. Goes to show that any male can be a sperm donor, but it takes a real man to be a dad.

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  2. Posted: 09 Mar 14

    I'm a single parent and when it comes to dating I've never experienced any problems with the fact that I am one. However in my experience I have found dating single dads to be a bit problematic as they tend to be quite competitive with single mums almost as if they have something to prove.

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