Batteries or Fingers?

Posted by Ria, 12 Jul

"Main chain stores now add a toy aisle for adults" was the article. Yeah. When at the grocery stores and you find vibrators next to the cucumbers you had gone to buy, this shouldn't come to you as a shock. They are literally everywhere!

In an article on the Huffington Post, Brandi Megan Granett doesn't understand the whole craze and "the need for tools and batteries and life-like stimulation" and goes on to ask: "Why can't women just touch themselves?"

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According to her, women’s sexuality is still subdued just like in the 19th century when our fore-mothers needed medical permission in the name of "Hysteria" to use vibrators. Today, "We need the approval of a credit card swipe and a delicately labeled box with instructions to get in touch with one of our deepest, most natural urges… this is just another case where women's sexuality is subjugated to the marketplace instead of celebrated and explored", she says.

In her book My Secret Garden on women’s sexual fantasies, Nancy Friday says women are "as hidden as our clitorises" with the "I thought I was the only one" mentality. Yes we touch ourselves but for some reason, we like it to stay hidden. For some reason, we feel its still taboo – good girls don’t!

The thing is "Our kinky fantasies won’t get us banished to the attic anymore" says Ruth Franklin. Women should feel free to do as they please sexually. Brandi looks forward to the day when women will be teased about masturbation just as men are, a day where people will tell jokes about "Rosie Fingers" just as they do about "Rosie Palm, a man’s best friend." This woman doesn’t want women to use batteries. She wants women to know its okay to use their fingers. She wants women to just touch themselves.

What do you think?

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  1.   SugahRush says:
    Posted: 09 Sep 12

    I agree that it's about choices--Dildos v Digits. LOL. It's great to add a toy to one's pleasure chest. The biggest concern I have is that there are (statistically) too many women who have no idea what their sexual area feels like or how the parts interconnect and interact.There are women who have never had an orgasm or are uncertain that they've had one. These women have never felt comfortable exploring their own bodies and establish their own sexual response & expectations. Rather they let their Lovers set their expectations. Not good. Not fair to him. Conversely there are those who have also never allowed their lovers to explore their bodies--up close and personal. Make it a party and JOIN HIM in the exploration of your body. Know what works for you and doesn't. Know how to pleasure yourself without a "toy" FIRST. The sensations are so uniquely different! Clean hands, feet, tongues, mouths, eyelashes, hair... Add toys as a LAST resort, not a First choice. It is through GETTING TO KNOW ONESELF that one can truly BE KNOWN.

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  2.   VaDared2 says:
    Posted: 14 Jul 12

    I talk about this with my married female co-workers often. I am surprised at the "dull" sex lives these young married women have. We have very candid discussions of what they like vs what their husbands desire. I introduced 50 Shades of Grey to one of them and she proudly shared that she has read the entire series and is planning a very fantasy filled vacation with her husband. During lunch we went through Amazon and she ordered "toys" that will make it a great vacation for her husband who has been waiting for a change. I think a woman should feel free to talk about the 5 finger alternative or any other "friends" you want to come to her party and not feel persecuted or ashamed. You would be surprised how many other women just need someone to "open" that door of discussion.

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