Can You Spot a Cheater?

Posted by Ria, 17 Nov

Cheating is something that every person in a relationship hopes they never have to face. Whether you're the one cheating or the one being cheated on, the pain that follows when the other party becomes wise to the infidelity is something that will likely stick with them for the rest of their life. It can ruin a person's ability to trust and give them a negative outlook on relationships as a whole.

Infidelity comes with so much hurt. It's a pain that you'd want to protect anyone you care about from ever having to endure it. And this nature that we have to protect the ones we care about could be the main reason why so many studies have been and are still being conducted on the behavior of cheating - most of them done in a bid to answer the following question:

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Who is the cheating type?

Much as the margins may be small, women have consistently been reported to have cheated in their relationships more often than men. The Huffington Post came up with a list of more seemingly unrelated qualities that could point to a cheater. bear in mind that every quality had a proven source for the statistic. Well here are some of the culprits:

Apparently, tall men (those over 5'10" were twice as likely to cheat); Rock and Roll fans were 41% more likely; 75% of the French population studied admitted to cheating; as well as 42% of blonde women. To add onto that list were men that worked in I.T., shopaholics, Twitter users, and female teachers. And the most shocking one, men with the name "Wayne" were on the list too. (Really? Wayne is on the list!!!!???)

So what made them cheat?

According to a study from Adam & Eve, 45% of the respondents who admitted to cheating said the affair happened "out of the blue." Then, 33% said it was exciting; 20% said said it was out of sexual boredom; and 23% said they were lonely. Finally, 16% or less said it was because they fell in love; they thought they could get away with it; or they felt that they deserved it. 52% of those surveyed said they would cheat if they were unsatisfied with their sex lives while 17% of those who claimed to be satisfied still said that they would cheat as well.

For the majority of the cases, it was reported that men were more likely to cheat for the sex (the physical side of the affair), while women were more likely to cheat for the emotional connection. For instance, some men cheated when men saw their wives as maternal figures rather than sexual partners after the birth of their first child. There's also the loss of spontaneity or fun in the relationship. Your Tango claimed that incidents of women cheating frequently occur out of boredom or a feeling of being undervalued.

But then again, just because there have been similarities among different characteristics, that's not a definitive answer to whether or not a potential partner will cheat.

So unless your new mate is a blonde, female teacher with a passion for Rock and Roll and a serious shopping problem; or a French man over 5'10" who works in I.T. and answers to the name of Wayne, you can never know for sure what your future will be. You can only do your best in a relationship, and if you work hard to stay in tune with one another, hopefully you can be a part of more positive statistics - like the fact that, as CNN reported: The marriage rate among interracial couples is at an all-time high. That's a statistic I'm guessing wasn't achieved by means of frequent infidelity.

So give Wayne a chance ;-) !

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