Do cougar-cub relationships have an expiry date?

Posted by Ria, 14 Dec

cougar-cub relationshipsAre cougar-cub relationships endangered?

They say the relationships between older women and younger men exist because there are not enough available men for single women to date men that are their age or even older. Well much as we seeing more and more cougar-cub relationships, Psychiatrist and author of Little White Whys: A Woman’s Guide to the Lies Men Tell and Why thinks these types of relationships have an expiry date.

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Major says … “The closer the cougar-cub pair is in age, the more of a chance that they have in staying together. The younger the guy is, the less likely the relationship will last.” He even gives them a shelf life – 5 to 6 years (10 years if lucky).

With the application of Darwinian Theory, Major believes that the same reasons animal species end up being endangered apply to the cougar-cub relationships. Here is how he explains it all:

  • Habitat Destruction: Sooner than later, the cougars tire of the mommy role and let the cubs loose. In Major's words, “At the heart of it, she’s still a woman. What started out as fun ‘he just needs guidance or nurturance’ gets kind of tired. What used to be cute is annoying”
  • Then there is the Introduction to Exotic Species. These are the younger females that are coming up behind him and that find him so appealing. Most cubs often get sucked into the allure of the exotic.
  • Reproduction is also a sell-by-date factor in these relationships. A cougar may already have had children and has no intention of walking down that road ever again, or her biological clock stopped ticking ages ago. If the cub is in his say 30s, it may present a problem since eventually, most men want to father kids of their own.

  • The other explanation is Survival of the Fittest. As the cub ages and matures, so does the cougar. At this point, she may not look as attractive as she did a few years back. Here is how Major puts it: “She’s not Demi Moore anymore. She’s Demi less… We’re still guys and we’re highly visual. What catches our eye is the most stunning visual package.”

  • Over-Exploitation is the last reason Major cites. Much as the cougar gets tired of guiding and nurturing the cub, so does the cub tire of it. Eventually, as he matures, that guidance and nurturing feels like being suffocated hence they tend to act out.

Major believes the cougar-cub unions of Hollywood seem to support this Theory. He talks of the surprising recent break-up between Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, 35 and Tony Parker, 28, who apparently was banging another woman. Recent reports allege that Longoria also had an affair during their marriage.

Major also cites the break up rumors surrounding Demi Moore, 48 and Ashton Kutcher, 32. Then there are those that keep jumping from cub to cub. An example is Rachel Hunter,41, who is fond of much younger Hockey players. She broke up with Sean Avery who was 11 years younger, got engaged to Jarret Stoll, 13 years younger and got dumped 2 months to the wedding.

But the most shocking citation is that of a long term union between Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins(12 years apart in age) who just broke up after 23 years. This is a union he should have used to show that a relationship between an older woman and a younger man can last. This clearly shows that these relationships aren’t any more doomed than the conventional older man – younger woman relationships. How long they last is solely dependent on the couple. I also don’t think these relationships are as a result of a shortage of ‘age appropriate’ men. I believe two grown ups can meet and have chemistry despite age.

Do you believe cougar-cub relationships are doomed to expire?

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