Do women enjoy being objectified?

Posted by Ria, 26 Nov 12

Cameron Diaz does! The 40-year-old actress seems to believe that every woman does want to be treated like a sex object. "There's a little part of you at all times that hopes to be somewhat objectified, and I think it's healthy," she told the UK’s Sunday Times. "It's empowering," she added.

Stripping down to her underwear for photo shoots aint a big deal for her. She isn’t afraid to show lots of skin. She doesn’t feel exploited. "I’m not some young girl with the photographer going, 'Will you take your clothes off?' I'm like [mimes stripping], 'How does this look?' They're like, 'Today we're not going to put anything other than bras and heels on you,' and I'm like, 'These heels are not high enough.'" So long as she is in control its ok to objectify her.

Seeing as she has been featured on magazines like Playboy and Maxim among others, clearly she likes the attention and enjoys being seen as “all body” by men. "I'm a woman, I know how to handle myself," she continued. "I know what I feel comfortable doing, and I know my sexuality."

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In what world is being objectified healthy and empowering? Some wisdom that is! I think, much as women like men to consider them as sexy doesn’t mean we all like to have our naked bodies plastered all over men’s magazines. Do we secretly enjoy being treated as sex objects or do we just want to be considered sexy by men. Does wanting to feel sexy automatically make us sex objects?

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  1.   Jazzman says:
    Posted: 15 Dec 12

    One way of looking at it is to take a genderless view and ask " do people like being objectified" ...or taking the limelight albeit for the wrong reasons or with carnal intentions.. Feminisms is dead...long live humanity.. ..In this age of human rights/liberty...for every woman who stands against an idea..2 women adopt it...

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  2.   poydras says:
    Posted: 02 Dec 12

    Yes. I love it when men look at me and I can tell that they're wondering what I would be like in bed. I have no problem with men flirting with me and dancing with me and buying me drinks with the sole purpose of getting between my legs. It's the way I was in high school and college and I loved it.

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  3.   SugahRush says:
    Posted: 29 Nov 12

    The last sentence in the second paragraphs says it all, " So long as she is in control its ok to objectify her." The problem with Cameron's declaration is that she doesn't differentiate between those who are VOLUNTEERS and those who are VICTIMS of being objectified. A woman who truly has the choice to be treated as an object is blessed. However, most of the world's women have NO say in the matter. Many women have never been able to say yes or NO. They don't have the privilege of VOLUNTEERING to be an object. Instead they are VICTIMS of disrespect, abuse, and neglect. Many men (around the world) do not believe that they could possibly be in violation of boundaries set by any woman. If you're with your trusted and anointed partner and want to wanna slip into the role play of being a Toy, that's a great blessing to him AND to you. But be mindful that not everybody "has it like that". It's the difference between volunteer and victim...and there are true victims (not just good actors or brats). So teach your daughters, sister, nieces and grand babies to be strong ALWAYS but soft when it's appropriate. Teach them the precious empowerment of saying NO--and meaning it. Teach them when to say YES and how to temper it with firm boundaries. More importantly, teach girls and women that they are actually NOBODY'S OBJECTS. They are, instead, blessings, gifts, the precious crown of a very special man. They are too magnificent and too glorious to be seen, touched, grabbed and groped by any and every person who tosses a trinket and a few happy meals or helps with bills. Again, it's powerful to be able to give oneself to another, it's infinitely more powerful to replicate oneself in the form of other powerful people.

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  4.   QueenM says:
    Posted: 28 Nov 12

    I don't think woman want to feel "objectified". I also do not think taking your clothes off and have men ogle your picture is empowering. I believe that woman want to look and feel sexy, and as long as they can do it comfortably, it's okay. As far as what Cameron Diaz said in an interview, she presents herself as a woman whose empowerment all lies below her neck!

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  5.   catseye57 says:
    Posted: 28 Nov 12

    I think that all women would like to themselves to know that they are alluring to men or at least to their man.but i agree with the statement that was made , in what world is it normal for women to want to take all their clothes off and be exploited, pictures of her put into magazines for men to lust after? women are certainly sexual in their nature, and really we as men like it that they can be sexy and exciting like that.But that is better enjoyed by the man and the woman in the privacy of their homes and not for everyone to see, this exploitation of women is not a pretty thing , its ugly , its built upon lust and greed and decent men and women know its wrong , lust creates another type of lifestyle where love is not really a part of it, maybe some have noticed that as people we get old and die, how sexy are you in your old age ?,but love works from the cradle to the grave , yes i love a woman to be sexy ,no doubt about it, but that would be between her and i, thank you-catseye57

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