Everything was "perfect". How did I lose her?

Posted by Ria, 07 Feb

Reasons for breaking upJust when things seem perfect, when she seems like she is sooo into you, most men in long-term relationships find themselves single… having no clue of what might have gone wrong. Let’s face it: The dating world has become so competitive to the extent that a minor fault on your part lands the next guy on the waiting list your spot. And in some cases, the woman gets married less than six months down the line.

So what really went wrong?

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Maybe you took too long to move to the next level. Much as you may be comfortable in the dating zone, if you don’t seal the deal, she will find a man who is willing to make that lifetime commitment. A man needs to be there for his woman, make her feel like she is No. 1 and most of all, declare to her openly that she wants to be with her for life. If you drag the dating phase for too long and she starts feeling like the relationship is going nowhere, she will shop around, meet better men who are more willing to take that leap, find fault in you and before long, out you go and in comes the next guy who walks her down the aisle like yesterday!

Other times, it may just be some falling out over some fixable issue. You have no idea how many issue-free men there are out there… who are always wondering what she is doing with such a drama-filled man. So every time you two have a fight, most modern women of today will always have this guy who offers her a shoulder to cry on … making her see how you aint treating her right… how she deserves better. And no matter how much she loves you, sooner or later, she will get fed up and leave. Whatever issues you’ve been having, FIX THEM! And if you ever cheated on her and she gave you the second chance, treat it as your LAST CHANCE! One slip and she is gone!

Yeah, your four-year girlfriend is not like that. Yeah your girlfriend loves you too much ever leave… her life is centered around you. You think? Well those many men who got dumped after years of long-term dating disagree. Your woman will only continue to be yours if you play your cards right. The moment she starts feeling short-changed, YOU ARE SOOO OUT!

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  1.   Lovely_Le says:
    Posted: 18 Feb 12

    Unfortunately I find this article to be ridiculously True. I know too many men And women who have had it soooo good and they took their significant other for a 'chump' and then got dumped. Complaing about things that are petty and worthless but weigh on their partner like a bag of bricks. Personally I know what it's like to think 'If I'm good to them, they'll be good to me'... Not all of the times but sometimes it's much simpler than that: People Use People, Period. It's sad but it happens. No matter how good you may want something or someone to be it may not be in the cards to work out that way. Some need to learn how to walk away. I Personally don't believe anything can be worked out over time. No matter how long you invest in someone else growth and maturity as a person if their not willing to put forth that same effort with attention to detail you'll eventually be fighting that battle Alone. Just remember to remain optimistic, although you may have lost that battle you could be on your way to winning the War - of Love;) I've met abuser's who 'changed' over a period of time looking to reconnect with an old love but that person has moved on. Now dating someone or even married to someone Worthy of the love and devotion they have to give. Then there's those who NEVER get it together. They constantly treat their partner like crap and wonder why aren't they doing what I want them to? haha! I know this 'madness' first hand and it's Exhausting! I Truly believe Life as well as Love is Simple but people complicate it. If you want someone to love you and be loyal to you like Royalty conduct yourself as a Queen or King~

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  2.   nika23 says:
    Posted: 12 Feb 12

    I would have to say everything could not be perfect if the person left. Maybe the woman had things on her mind and wanted to talk about, but you were too busy for her. I have had quite a few experiences where guys pursue me and once we're in a relationship, they start treating you like I'm no longer important to them. They no longer have time for me, don't want to do special things like going on dates etc etc. Worse if a woman tries to bring up these things that are bothering her, she is said to be causing drama. If you don't care that she feels bad, why should she stay? I have always heard what you do to get someone is what you have to do to keep them. If they fell for you because you were always there for them, or always said sweet things to them or took them dancing or to dinner etc and you take that away, then you take away what made them want you. Of course finances affect certain activities, but if you don't think your woman is worth something special every now and then, she's going to wonder why she's with someone who isn't that into her and she'll want someone who thinks she's special and wants to treat her, and say sweet things to win her heart. From the outside, the relationship may seem perfect to people who thought you were meant to be and even to her, but most women won't stay with a man who doesn't think she's worth the effort. If taking her on a date or doing something special like cooking a meal for her is that much trouble for you, of course she'll leave, no matter how much she loves you.

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  3.   snorris says:
    Posted: 08 Feb 12

    This is so true. A lot of my friends have done this to guys that they were dating and many guys have done this to other women that I know. These people were so happy in love and then it just hit rock bottom. The truth is it seems like people were made to break people's hearts in this generation. So many people have been married for so many years and then all of a sudden they move on. The best thing to do is be very careful who you date. If you meet someone that has proven themselves to be good, hang onto them but make sure they feel the same way about you.

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