Faking O's is screwing your sex life up!

Posted by Ria, 27 Mar

faking orgasmsSo how do you come clean? Does he want to know you have been faking it?

Faking an orgasm is quite detrimental to your sex life because it’s like cheering on a man to continue doing things that get you there. Only problem is: nothing he has been doing since your cheering began gets you off. So who is losing here?

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Good thing with female orgasms is: they are not an indication of great sex or sexual enjoyment. So if you are lucky, even without the orgasms, you at least have been enjoying some or most of that rubbing. And in this case, the only thing that has been missing... is that final muscle-clenching release!

Not all men see it this way though. An orgasm to them is an indication of great sex. And this is why most women end up lying about having them; to protect a man’s ego. So, after months or even years of faking it, how do you tell him "You haven’t been hitting the spot that’s supposed to take me there" without hurting those feelings you have been faking all those times to protect?

I remember as an amateur in the sex department those days, I used to fake it with my boyfriend… all because I knew I had to have one. Sometimes, I used to think I actually had one – until I read somewhere "If you think you had an orgasm, you didn’t. When you get one, you will know for sure". So after months of all the faking, I had to come clean – tell him "Hmm… I don’t think I have ever experienced an orgasm with you because its kinda hard to know." I also told him about what I read and how hard it is for some women to get them. And he took it pretty well because I didn’t blame him for the non-orgasmic sex.

This is one of the easiest ways to go about coming clean. And however you go about it, let it be its you and not him. I think there, you will pretty much have protected his ego ... Again! Then both of you can now explore ways of getting you there… plus you can freely guide him. Also reassure him how great sex has been with him; even without the orgasms; so much so that you actually thought that was the real deal.

How else would be the best way to break this gently to a man? Dudes, would you want your woman to come clean or just keep up the bedroom act?

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  1.   ramoga says:
    Posted: 01 Apr 12

    I agree because it will get to a point u will have to come clean or reality will kick in & you loose the guy you have. Been there and it wasn't fun coz I lost a very good guy. I wasn't sexually satisfied because I faked it a lot. Communicate with the guy let him know what makes you hit the big "O". Most guys are understanding and it will help both of you enjoy.

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