Five great ideas for a first date

Posted by Ria, 18 Nov

first  date ideasYou only have one chance to make a great first impression, and a first date that falls flat will rarely result in a second. The type of people you meet on a first date, especially a blind date, may require you to change up your ideas on the fly. The US Census reports that only 56 percent of adults are married, meaning that more than one hundred and thirty million single men and women are out there looking for love.

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Hone A Competitive Streak

Putting a person into a situation where they can and should compete to win makes them more attentive and active than a situation where they need only sit around. What's more, teaching your date the ropes of everything from backgammon to paintball helps you to get more intimate and project confidence and experience. Relationship author Sheila Gregoire suggests two-person games such as puzzles, Jenga, Scrabble, Dominoes and Carcassone.

Make A Meal

first date ideas

Instead of waiting around, be a cooking-course trend-setter. The St. Louis Times notes a culinary class can improve your skills in boasting or braising from amateur and professional chefs alike. This not only helps to break the ice as you work in a team with your date, but helps you to understand each other's mannerisms and food preferences. has a section for date night classes by location — just put in your location and it can find a class in your area. If you opt to make a meal at home, check RealSimple's Recipe of the Day to get ideas. Easy meals for fall include a mushroom pot pie, Salmon with Bok Choy and Apple Slaw, Spaghetti with Bacon Meatballs or Pasta with Sausage, Arugala and Crispy Bread Crumbs.

Take In A Show

first date ideas

If you think you need to travel to New York City to see the best of Broadway, think again. You can get tickets ahead of time to Broadway plays coming to local cities, ranging from comedies like "Book of Mormon" or popular slice-of-life shows like "Rent." Check Telecharge for locations, dates, and showtimes.

Jazz It Up

first date ideas

Going out to a jazz bar can help to make a relationship successful — but not for the reasons you may think. CNN suggests dating with science by taking him or her to a dark place and spending time staring into each other's eyes. Check Yelp! reviews of jazz bars, nightlife, and after-hours dining.

Be A Tourist

first date ideas

You don't necessarily need a Grand Canyon or Sears Tower nearby to act like a tourist and gawk at famous places or things in the near vicinity. When you both experience a new thing, you can start up a conversation about former vacations and places you'd like to go. TripAdvisor has most cities available and lists places to go, things to do, and sights to see in your vicinity, with reviews and ratings of each. For example, the top-rated thing to do in Phoenix, Ariz. is going to Western Destinations — an entertainment complex where you can ride horses, throw axes and playing cowboy games.

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